Visiting Aqua Sheko: The Flesh Eating Fish Pedicure Review!


If you follow me on Twitter, then you will know that I was very excited to visit Aqua Sheko, a fish pedicure ‘bar’ situated in Kensington, London. I found out about the place via Wahanda and also thanks to this lady (I couldn’t get on the site so she helped me book! It was so busy at the time of launch). I took Mr Candy with me, and he only moaned a little about it, […]

Going to the Grooming Parlour!


No, not me! This missus: I’ve never taken a cat to the groomers before, but I am pretty sure that the madam needs a pampering session. Its hard finding proper cat groomers – for one she doesn’t like to be around dogs, and cats are quite different to dogs of course and need different treatment. Anyway this will cost £50 smackers, so I am expecting her to come back super fluffy, super glossy and clean, […]

Speed Review: Heaven Spa at The Hilton, Manchester


**Update: my shoulder is absolutely KILLING me after this massage. It feels like the muscle over my shoulder blade is pulling in the wrong place. Ouch** I purchased a Wahanda Mobdeal (think they are great) for Heaven Spa located in Manchester at the rather posh Hilton Hotel last week. (When I say posh, I mean posh like how Organic Muesli is posh compared to Frosties, or how Nandos is compared to KFC. Its just a […]

Golden or Orange? Xen Tan Spray Tan Review


Those of you who follow me on twitter will know that I was fretting very much about my impending spray tan for various reasons – 1. I’m scared of fake tan 2. I’m don’t like standing nude or semi-nude in front of other people 3. To get the girls out, or not? Hmmm. With much trepidation, I went to my local Selfridges for a Xen-Tan spray tan. One bit of comfort I had is that […]

Salon Review: Jinnylash Eyelash Extensions for the Fake Eyelash Look!


Last week I tried out a service by Jinnylash… God that’s a rubbish introduction. Ok – so my lashes have been a little depressed lately, like a floppy peen, due to the remnants of my Flutter Lash Extensions falling out. I was invited to try out the Jinnylash lash extensions – and of course I duly accepted! Jinnylash is one of the first lash extension places I heard of, and these days there are of […]

Help Me Choose: Which Haircut?

UPDATE: Ok, ok, so style 1 and 3 seem to be the most popular. The problem is my hair is very layered so can I do style 3? Style 1 is very styled and I am the laziest person in the world with my hair. I’m going to take all these photos with me tomorrow and I will show you what I end up with! It will either be a disaster or I’ll get my […]

Screw You! Beauty Salon Horror

I’m not the sort to go to the salon for many things. I don’t do spray on tans or sunbeds, I don’t have time for massages and I’m not particularly…hairy, and the hair I have keeps me warm, thanks. But I do like to go for a lash perm occasionally, and a threading session. God knows why because the last time I was threaded it hurt so bad, the tears were flowing. So off I […]

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