Better than the O’s? Nicky Clarke DesiRed Rapid Heat Roller Pod System Review


Even though I don’t have a ton of time to style my hair these days, I am still always up for a fancy hair styling tool – and I was rather taken by Nicky Clarke’s new Roller Pod.   The roller pod is a stand alone, small unit, which heats up the roller individually. I have various rollers already, such as some Babyliss ones I ADORE but they are a nightmare to transport anywhere, as […]

Review: Babyliss Quick Lift Rollers

I am a sucker for hair tools, so when I saw these rollers on Amazon for £18, I had to get them – Quick lift rollers are just that – made to add volume and lift to the hair. You only get 5 rollers and 5 metal pins because these aren’t made to create curl – this is only for volume. Why, couldn’t we just use a traditional roller set…well, yes. The USP here I […]

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