Wakey Wakey! Rohto Z! Pro Refreshing Eye Drops Level 10 Minty Review!


Monday morning, yawnnnn! Happy August by the way. Can you believe it? The last 3 months have blasted past for me and I can’t believe we have just 5 more months until 2012. Anyway are you still feeling sleepy? Wipe your crusty eyes as I present to you one of my recent eye drop purchases; Rohto’s Z! Pro eye drops LEVEL 10!!! These are not my first Rohto eye drops (I also like their eye […]

Love in a BB: Rohto Hada-Labo BB Moist Emulsion and Moist Cream SPF50+ Review


I bought two versions of the Hada Labo (who make amazing cheap-ish skincare) BB Moist, purely because I wanted to see what the Japanese interpretation of BB cream was and also because I love their skincare range. On top of this they had a ‘Dark Beige’ shade which a few people told me ran quite dark (nearly all BB Creams I use are too light). I bought the emulsion and cream versions…I do it for […]

Rohto Japan Night Time Repair Eye Moisturising Drops Review


Because my eyes are so often tired and sore I treat them to new eye drops every now and then. My most recent purchase is this Rohto Japan eye drop which is supposed to be moisturising, cleansing, relieving etc. A bit of everything really! The thing about Japanese eye drops, you must know, is that they tend to contain some kind of menthol which means it makes your eyes go ZING! By ZING I mean […]

Tired, make up encrusted eyes? Rohto Lycee Eye Wash Cleansing Lotion Review


Looking after and cleaning your eyes is really important, especially when you wear as much make up on the eyes as me! That crap gets everywhere! I am a fan of good old Optrex eye wash but I recently spotted this one from Rohto (called Lycee): I bought the larger size, in 450ml. It’s pink, what else could you want? I also have the Rohto Eye Drops – man do they sting but they are […]

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