RMK Makeover and Haul

I went to RMK today for their launch of the Curl Separate Mascara. I tried out the product, which was fine – lengthening and separating, but I didn’t love it enough to spend £20 on it. But I had my eye on the Quad, 06, a mix of minty greens and black – It can be worn in a very fresh way, or in a smokey way, using the black. I was also tempted into […]

RMK Curl Separate Mascara

Now, now RMK, didn’t L’oreal get told off using false eyelashes and advertising it as the magic of Mascara? I can’t read Chinese so I can’t tell you what the blurb I was sent in the email says, I was just captivated by the photograph. I have tried the RMK W dual ended Mascara before, and like the results, but being waterproof, they were a little crusty when dry and it was hard to get […]

I go back to black…

Every other month, I have this panic thing, where I decide my hair colour is horrid and go out and buy some random dye, only to go to Sally’s the day after for some Rusk Eliminate (hair dye remover) and end up back at square one. My hair is stupidly long at the moment, and a bondi beach Jessica Alba type blonde. Its lovely and brightens the face, but is also prone too looking dry […]

RMK Update….

I got some requests for pics of the items I bought so here they are! Purple: Green: Gold: Orange Blush: 3 Lipsticks: Pink Swirl Lipstick 02: Orange 03: Beige 05: My free gift!: Quick Makeover: I used the Orange Blush, Gold Eyeshadow and 03 Orange Lipstick. I really love the lipsticks, the swirl is exquisite! Its so shimmery and the texture is perfect. Just a quick one, hope the pics whet your appetite…

RMK Shiny Dots Make Over

You know I have been looking forward to the RMK Shiny Dots Collection ever since I saw the previews last year. I finally had a chance to go down and see the collection for myself! As a reminder; The range; Before I saw the range in person, I wanted the green, lilac and gold eyeshadows. I was undecided about the blush, and not interested in the swirly lip colours. So here are the 6 eye […]

What to buy in Spring?

Whenever there are new collections, it is so difficult to choose what to buy…come on, we can’t buy ALL of it. I tend to focus on things I really like, have a gut reaction about, and are limited – after all things in the permanent range can be collected slowly… There is one collection which is inciting excitement in me even though the release is a good week away. It is the RMK Shiny Dots […]

Cream Eyeshadows Part 2

Eye Jellies / Mousse & Watery Apart from Cream Eyeshadows in a jar, the newest additions to my collection have been eye jellies and water colours. I swatched the Maybelline Eye Mousse Colours before and wasn’t madly impressed – the Stila is similar but I think firmer textured and more pigmented than them. Brand: Stila (US) Texture: Mousse in a glass Jar Application: Best with a brush. Mousse can be a bit tricky; it looks […]

RMK Shiny Dots Eyes 2008 Collection

I need to sit down. Now. RMK, definately one of my top two brands is releasing their new range mid February in the UK. Shiny Mix Dots collection features a Jackson Pollock style mixed colours: I liked the previous Beigy Mix Eyes collection – beautiful but difficult to use. I am hoping this one will be easier to apply and use. I normally get invited to the RMK event for new ranges so I will […]

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