Palladio Rice Paper Powdered Blotting Tissues Review


As the weather heats up, people get sweaty and oily – you know its true. I find myself shining a little too much when the weather picks up so I am always testing out new blotting sheets. Its easier to use than powder sometimes because if you’re not careful, you end up with 10 layers of make up on your face. Not a nice look. So I was pleased to get my mitts on these […]

Review: Bésame Enchanting Lipstick in Debutante Pink

It’s almost criminal to buy your first lipstick from Bésame and not choose one of their stunning hot reds, but I was in a sensible mood for once. Here is my first every Bésame lipstick in Debutante Pink (which on the swatch looked like the most natural pink…. Let’s get the size thing out of the way – these lipsticks are Retro and Vintage = Teeny. It makes my already large hands look (as my […]

Retro Beauty: The Babyliss Steam Straightener

There was life before GHD’s girls (those of you still in your teens may not believe me) and one of the straighteners I owned a few years back was this Babyliss Steam Straightener: Steam technology – it didn’t have an interchangeable plate, but it did have an attachment you could stick on which had little teeth (so lazy people like myself would use it to brush my hair at the same time…) and there was […]

New Category – Retro Beauty…

Or perhaps I should have called it, ‘Do you remember?’. I was thinking today, whilst waiting about 10 seconds for my Nicky Clarke Straighteners to heat up, about the old days and the first hair tool I owned. It was this Babyliss 4×4 kit, a white and yellow creation with interchangeable plates. I am guessing it was about £15 from Argos. For those of you who don’t know, when I was growing up there wasn’t […]

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