Hauled it: Sparkly Lips with Paul & Joe Lip Gloss in Galaxie and Passion


eBay is such a great place for make up bargains! I picked up these two Paul & Joe Lip Glosses (they have been repackaged recently so look slightly different to the new ones) in Galaxie (a silver with glitter) and Passion (a juicy sheer red with glitter). I can never get enough of Paul & Joe packaging: I’m glad that Paul & Joe is easier to purchase these days, on various retail outlets. The silver […]

Lips of the Day: Shu Uemura Supreme Shine in Red RD 165 Review


I am now the owner of three Shu Uemura Supreme Shine lipsticks – these don’t generally last too well but by god, they are absolutely – gorgeous – instant – sex – bomb. Newest addition is RD 165 which they call a ‘Universal Red’. Glossy, sheer reds are my bag. I am too chicken to wear bright, matte, opaque red lipstick out day to day – there I said it. I’m not Coco Chanel, I […]

Lips of the Day: Dolce & Gabbana Lipstick In Devil (Red Cream)


I went nuts of Dolce & Gabbana make up when it was first launched in the UK – since then my interest has subsided. I’d still like to see what collections they come up with though, cos its a really nice looking brand. I got this red lipstick from Dolce & Gabbana a while ago – its a creamy rich red like…the Devil. The packaging is this lovely gold case which also gets lots of […]

Ellis Faas Milky Lips in Ellis Red Lip Colour Review & Swatch!


I reviewed an Ellis Faas Cream eyeshadow earlier this week – and it was quite nice although I wasn’t convinced by the colour. Here is a Milky Lips lip colour (not a lipstick, not quite a lip gloss) in Ellis Red, a classic blood red shade. There are 2 other textures – Glazed Lips (glossy) and Creamy Lips (rich and creamy…sounds like my kind of lip!). Once again, its that phallic…slightly skinny phallic bullet lip […]

Lips of the Day: Boots No. 7 Mineral Lipstick in Rubellite


Got some bits and pieces from Boots No. 7 to review shortly, but this was too pretty not to share with you sooner! There are only 2 shades in this lipstick, this rosy sheer red and a more neutral brown-rose. The texture is excellent – pigmented yet sheer, it has that ‘water’ feeling Japanese lipsticks do. The colour is of course, an acquired taste. I like it, I think this would look pretty hot on […]

Reader Question: Which Illamasqua Red Lipstick is for me?


Reader, Nina, sent me this question weeks ago and I have only just had time to answer it. Sorry Nina! Nina was looking for a red lipstick from Illamasqua – “…a clean true red that won’t make me look sallow.” I think its pretty hard to recommend something as specific like this – you never know how the red may turn on your skintone. Firstly I don’t own all the Illamasqua reds, I think, but […]

Lips of the Day: Lancome L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Rouge Preciosa


Today I need some colour. My face needs some oomph. Lancome’s L’Absolu Rouge Lipstick in Rouge Preciosa is on my lips and is got a stunning texture, SPF 12 and Pro-Xylane. I don’t know what that is, but I like it! It looks darker in the tube than it does on my lips… I am just having one of those weeks I’m afraid, if my sombre tone comes across in posts, then please accept my […]

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