Where is your favourite place to buy make up?


A reader asked me where my favourite place to buy make up is. My natural answer was…well lots of places…but then I realised that that is a lie! I have some clear favourite spots! See I am an online shopper – I can’t help it, I just love it. Whilst I will frequent Boots, Superdrug, Harvey Nichols and Selfridges for my favourite brands I also love to discover new things and trends in Asian make […]

Number One Q & A: Readers Questions Answered (sorta)


At some point I will go through 238123 comments and reply to them I promise. Its difficult keeping up with as I am so busy in my day to day life too, so forgive me! You can always send me an email if you need an answer to a question or comment on this post. So, here are are the first lot of readers questions! I’ve posted them here, however random so hopefully it will […]

Reader Question: Which Illamasqua Red Lipstick is for me?


Reader, Nina, sent me this question weeks ago and I have only just had time to answer it. Sorry Nina! Nina was looking for a red lipstick from Illamasqua – “…a clean true red that won’t make me look sallow.” I think its pretty hard to recommend something as specific like this – you never know how the red may turn on your skintone. Firstly I don’t own all the Illamasqua reds, I think, but […]

Reader Questions: The Quest for Sticky Clear Lipgloss

Whilst I was in the queue for the drive thru at KFC, I got an email from reader Alix, who asked, “Found the post of last year regarding the dearth of clear, non-scented, non-plumping, STICKY glosses (MAC changed the Lipglass formula, not sticky now…). If you ever find one, please shout it from the rooftops, won’t you?” Well Alix, I remember clearly how I was trying to find a clear gloss that I could use […]

Nail Question & Answer Session with Trish Lomax

A few weeks ago I asked you, the readers to let me know what your nail questions were. Today, Celebrity and session manicurist Trish Lomax will be answering them! Ready? 1. I get little bubbles on the surface of my polish a lot. How do I avoid this? Before your manicure wipe nails with acetone to remove any residue from the nail plate rather than using a remover as most contain conditioners that leave a […]

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