Help: Blog Layout Revamp, your input please!


I have been meaning to change the layout of this blog for a while, clean it up and simplify etc. but I barely have any time to brush my hair, never mind take care of the big matters at hand! But here we are…. Rough plans have been drawn up, tests have been done and now, the now opinion of the people who really matter (you guys)! I’d love to hear feedback and what you […]

Kill A Lemming: My MAC Shopping List


Ok its time to help me kill some Lemmings. I am always accumulating, so even these big blog sales I do make little difference to my collection. Boo! Here are the things on my want list from MAC (I don’t even like MAC). Feel free helping me kill a few lemmings: 1. Lady Danger Lipstick (a red – will I really wear another red?) 2. Painterly Eye Base 3. Cuddle Shadestick 4. Fix + Spray […]

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