Online Shopping Dilemma: Is it ‘NEW’ or not?! Shopping with Vooboodoo


So before I start ranting again, I thought I’d ask you dear readers, what you think about a problem I’m having with an item I purchased recently. I purchased a facial toner/lotion, the Japanese liquid type from someone I have bought from before – Vooboodoo on eBay, the same person who runs  They tend to sell sample and tester products – they’re new but they may come marked as ‘tester’ or ‘sample’ but the […]

Beauty Ramble: What beauty hauls make you truly excited?


So I haul make up quite regularly *cough cough* and there’s no doubt that some things induce far more excitement than others. I was thinking; most make up I buy without thinking, out of habit (ie. I collect Nars multiples so I’ll even buy ones that don’t suit me!) and quite often just because I want to review it, or swatch it, or just because it’s a new release. (When I buy MAC for example, […]

Help! Hints! Bronze! Make Up Looks Advice!


I am going to a Make Up Consulation next week which I am really excited about and I need to choose ONE look that I want to achieve by the end of the session. Now – it would be very easy for me to pick something clean, elegant, simple for day to day but this is NOT my dream make up. My dream make up is bronzy, glowy, dark eyes, GLAM. This may not be […]

Thursday Question Time: What magazines do you read?


It was interesting seeing what everyone got from the Glamour magazine Benefit freebie thing this month. It also seemed to me like people’s attitudes to women’s magazines have changed – people value the web more for up to date, relevant information and some people bought the magazines specifically for the freebies, not for the read. So this got me thinking – What magazines do you buy and read? Me: I used to be a magazine […]

Poll Time: Do you prefer Blog Posts or Videos?


You Tube is such a wonderful place – well, it has its downside – but overall its a fantastic place to watch what I want, when I want. It got me thinking – what do most people prefer – blog posts or videos? Blog Posts require a bit more effort – you have to read through it, but it can be more informative than a video (ie. when listing ingredients). Videos are quite a tricky […]

Ask me now!


Girls… I am SO behind on replying to comments (I will get round to it), and emails – I read every single message but sometimes I have so many other things to take care of I know it will take a while for me to respond. I am not trying to ignore anyone, mind, I just have a distinct lack of time. So this post is a quick question amnesty* – if you left a […]

Poll: Choose the winner of the Name The Cat competition!

There were some fab suggestions for names for the Cosmetic Candy Cat (our new logo!) so rather than me picking a winner, like election day – the power lies with you….the people. Make your vote count!

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