Online Retail Therapy: Annoyance


Sigh.  No matter what you do, you can’t help but get a bad seller or retailer, bad customer service or just a bad product. Manners especially, don’t cost anything, so it really gets my goat when people just can’t respond in a human manner; especially when YOU are buying from THEM. Today I’ve realised I’ve had enough bad experiences in the last 10 days to moan about it all in one place I am a […]

Super Screw You: Office Shoes are crap!

Ok so I was ranting about Office Shoes a few days ago – well surprise, surprise – I got some emails through: That’s right folks! NONE of the shoes I ordered are in stock – yet they are STILL advertised as in stock on the website. This makes Office Shoes Complete and Utter Crap Crap Crap Douchebags!!!!! Shall I bother emailing the CS? No doubt I will get a generic ‘we don’t have to have […]

The Bravissimo Advert is Annoying


This new bravissimo got on my nerves. Bravissimo are a company that make bras for big chi-chis. Back in the day, it was hard to get hold of bras if you had a fairly small back and big boobies so Bravissimo really took off. Nothing wrong with that… As a gal with big boobs myself I haven’t bought anything from Bravissimo for a while because: * There shops aren’t very appealing inside. They have lots […]

Say No to Hauls


Boo Hiss. Was dying for the Jill Stuart New Eye Jellies, but the exchange rate, (even worse when Paypal calculates it) is so bad: I am definately being more controlled (marginally) with my make up spending, but my overall goal this year was to cut down by like, oooh, 80%? Isn’t that the equivalent of coming off crack? The credit crunch, it seems is making the decisions for me because with many international sellers accepting […]

Boob Job! Price – Your Dignity!

So I’m watching a documentary about a website that women can join if they want a boob job for free, and a number of lonely, desperate men all over the world, who cannot get a woman in real life donate towards the surgery. But this is not a proper charity! No, in return you need to do nude pictures in order to raise money. So the more nude you get and the more porno-riffic you […]

Boyfriend Christmas Present Ideas

Whoops. So busy buying generic soapy bath sets and slippers for people I hate, like all me relatives I forgot to buy something for the other half. Torn between a 120gb ipod, a new processor and motherboard or a new monitor. Here’s how we decide what to buy. Ipod – £170 Processor and motherboard – £180 Monitor – £70 Ok the latter it is. Although – who the hell needs three monitors? If anyone can […]

Screw You!: A small orange


Anyone know a good web host? When I was searching for one to look after this blog it was a real mission – so many of them suck balls. Finally I settled on A Small Orange – decent company, good prices, can’t fault the speed of responses. But since I have been with them for a few months I’ve have endless complaints from people saying that they can’t get onto the site…I’ve had lots of […]

Screw You!: Traffic Wardens


This is Miss Jocelyn, not a real traffic warden. So today when my other half picked me up from work, we had a quick chat as there was something I had to sort out..10 seconds tops. Comes along a hatchet faced demon, yes, a traffic warden – tiny thing, resembled hitler, had terrible skin. YOU CAN’T PARK HERE! She says agressively. Actually, what I wanted to say, was this parking bay has been reserved for […]

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