Megan is back!

She snapped my Canmake Lip Eraser too – grrr. Anyway – I just wanted to add some info on Meg’s videos. Once or twice now, I have had some negative comments on her videos along the vein of, shouldn’t a seven year old be playing out instead? (Most comments are lovely, by the way). Well, […]

DHL are the worst couriers, ever. Oh and ASOS Discount Code…

So I know you ladies have as much courier/delivery woes as me, regardless of where we are in the world, sometimes our lives just have to be made that teeny weeny bit harder. Now, this wasn’t make up I was waiting for; it was my repaired Nintendo Wii. I live on a flat on a […]

Chanel Spring & Superdrug Visit

Fighting the rain, I made a little trip to the shops today to buy the palette I have been waiting for – The Chanel Blue Celestes Quad & Azur Limited edition polish. T’was very irritating to be visiting Chanel counters today. Simple question – “What is limited edition?” – you know four counters out of […]

Maquillage Neo Climax – Controversy!

I think Maquillage make some of the best lipsticks and glosses around..I really do. I bought five colours from the New Climax colours – this one being by far my favourite – RS755: It’s a cool toned rose with shimmers. The tube is unusal as it looks like a lipstick, you it actually plastic, so […]

What is your favourite Make Up Counter?

I went shopping with a slightly less enthusiastic-about-makeup friend, and god love her, she shuddered when I approached the Make Up Counters in Harvey Nichols. She was mortified that I was browsing when they (the Sales Assistants) were standing there [like vultures]. I’m make up savvy enough to say no to something if I don’t […]

So called Exchange Rate

So I recieved my MAC Antiqutease goodies today – good good, I am still waiting for the pigment sets to become availble online and the sparkle eyeliners. I have a look on the US website and find the set of 5 pencils cost….tah dah….$29.50. On the UK website it costs……..£24.50. Oh hello. Only yesterday I […]

Bad Customer Service at

So this is just a personal moan from me, totally objective of course, but there are certain companies that always seem to screw up my orders and things. Take Oli is a fairly new clothing company in the UK – the catalogues look fantastic, they are well designed and look much fresher than the […]

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