Random Mini Rant: MAC Shops


MAC sales assistants have always had a bit of a bad rap from me – whilst I’ve always moaned about their icy cold attitudes and tranny like make up, I am an open minded one. I always hope that in time, things change, things get better. So those of you who follow me on Twitter will know I had an epic day out in London yesterday. So I went to the MAC Pro shop first. […]

OPI. Sterotypes. Nail Polish. Bootleg.


So I am currently in a ranty mood and browsing Look Fantastic for some…erm…essential items. So the OPI Hong Kong collection caught my eye. Hong Kong! Amazing City! Then I was looking at the names…. Gah. I’ll ignore the fact the collection looks like a mish mash of random colours that don’t remind me of Hong Kong (Vibrant, not Garish) but actually, I was just thinking how some of the names are naff. Its the […]

Beauty Court: 5 Beauty Products with Rather Silly Names

Roll up, roll up, for Cosmetic Candy’s new series, Beauty Court. All you badly behaved cosmetics will have no where to hide, now that I can take you to court! (suggestions for offenders are also welcome). This week we are dealing with Asian beauty products that have have strange names which have been sound like they have been conjured up by a copywriter on acid. We are not talking about Engrish or dialect induced spelling […]

Primark Staff Rant on Facebook, Queues continue to Grow

I read a piece today on that high class rag, The News of The World about Primark, you know the shop I love to hate and their staff posting abuse about their customers. Article is here. Example: Meanwhile a women’s department assistant moans at “hefty” shoppers who need to “lose some f****** weight” instead of insisting they are a 16 “when they are obviously a 22 or 24″. They of course did it on a […]

Hello, McFly! Dealing with negative comments on your blog & the socially inept


Two things made me write this post – getting more vitriolic* comments of late and this court case. (If you are a blogger, do read. There are some real implications for bloggers everywhere). *I’m surprised its taken this long considering my somewhat forthright views on Amanda Holden. So let’s begin my rambling… Free For All It is part and parcel of making yourself available online that you will occasionally, rightly or wrongly, get some form […]

Boo Boo of the week: BeautyEshop.co.uk


UPDATE: ** PROBLEM SORTED REFUND GIVEN ** All has been solved so I’ll say they are quite an honourable company to buy from. The only thing that they should change is the fact that the reuturn cost of a damaged item comes from the customer. So I made an order the end of last week for this cherry scented lip gloss/balm fro beautyeshop.co.uk for £8.49. Generally I have no issues with them, they are fast […]

Scared of the Cosmetic Counter?


Reader Jess commented on the Illamasqua video I posted, and said: I need to shake up my makeup! I always feel a bit scared of the counter and everyone has such dramatic make up I feel too much like a wall flower to go there Jess is not alone – I am a hardened make up counter visitee, so very few counters intimidate me. However, many, many women are intimidated by counters – my mother […]

Quick Review: Chanel Pro Lumiere Foundation – Je n’aime pas!


It happened to me, its probably happened to you. You went to the shop for X item and end up coming out with Y item. You loved it, or you hated it. In my case, its generally a hate thing, but in the UK we don’t get to just return make up even if its rubbish. But how I wish we could because I have about 15 foundations, and I don’t know when I will […]

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