Screw You!: Home Delivery Network


Generally speaking, most couriers are utterly useless.  It doesn’t take much, like, a doorbell, to put them off delivering an item to you.  There are some exceptions – Fedex seem to do what they say and UPS generally speaking. Parcelforce, Home Delivery Network, Citylink, DHL, Amtrak etc. etc. I’ve had them all and they are […]

John Sergent out of Strictly Come Dancing

SHOWBIZ Strictly 13

Poor John Sergent. One of my favourite BBC reporters has been forced out of the TV show, Strictly Come Dancing. You get a load of has-been celebrites, desperate to revive their careers…well some of them, not all of them. Rachel Stevens (yes, remember her?) for example, Jodie Kidd (after the cocaine scandal), loads of sports […]

Screw You!: get’s it wrong, again


I will soon run out of vitriol and get back to the make up stuff, but first I am to moan about Additions is an online catalogue store that sells all the usual stuff, clothes, shoes, kitchen and household goods. Whenever I order something substantial they screw it up. The first time I ordered […]

Screw you!: Dodgy Royal Mail


It ain’t like this anymore As if it’s not bad enough with the crappy exchange rate – 1 GBP = 1.47793 USD, people!!!  I’m getting screwed over by Royal Mail too! Five lost parcels in 2 months.  From Thailand, Hong Kong, the US, Japan and Blighty. Either I am just cursed, or someone at Royal […]

Exchange Rate Moan Pt. 592


With a new American president, the credit crunch, violent crime on the up and I want to rant today about…the exchange rate. The Lavshuca eye colour sticks are out now on Adambeauty. A few months ago I would have got one of every colour. But check this out: $152 = £98?!??! I can’t do it, […]

Bad bad


I’m not completely thrilled with  This site is a sister to, an Asian version of Amazon if you like.  You can get cds, book, games, toys etc. from YesAsia (it’s still a pretty cluttered site) and you can use it as I do, for Japanese and Chinese language beauty books – shopping is […]

Facebook IS for dummies


I found it interesting that there is now a Facebook for Dummies book. What on earth can there be to teach? Chapter 1: This is how to log on. Chapter 2: Friends; quantity, not quality. Chapter 3: POKE ME: Dealing with pokes. Chapter 4: How to stalk your ex/collegue/friend Chapter 5: How to change your […]

Snail Mail


I swear someone is screwing with me. My ususal timely parcels from Ichibankao and the like are not arriving…late, late, late. Is it because we have reached November and people are already buying stuff for Christmas? Do postal staff have a secret holidays period in October? It’s the stuff from Asia which seems to be […]

Exchange Rate Woes


Made a purchase today (some NYX lippies). Check out the rate! All my UK ladies are crying with me! Plus Paypal always make and extra £££ with their dodgy exchange rate. Why are they allowed to do this? Using XE, $33 came to £21, on paypal I paid close to £24. What is unfair is […]

Three Network – a pile of rubbish!


Another one of those ranty posts – I can’t believe how crap the 3 customer services are! 3 are a relatively new phone/internet network who make fairly eyecatching adverts but have barely any customers because although they have good deals, everyone I know with a 3 phone always moans about how it always cuts out […]

Truffle Shuffle Update

So I got my package from Truffle Shuffle – the shipping was fast and efficient BUT – The pink hoodie I got had black stains down the arm. I know! Back it goes, but what a pain in the bum.  The yellow hoodie, at a whopping £40 was very thin and flimsy – back it […]



How was your Friday? There has been various problems lately. the boyfriend, the genius that he is has managed to break: 1. The main PC 2. My Nintendo DS – making me lose a good hour of gameplay 3. My Culinaire One Touch Tin opened. It’s “semi” working now, as in, it will “semi” open […]



Yeah baby! So you think you get all the best stuff in the US? Well….you do. But still look what I got my mitts on! My own Clarisonic Pink Face Brush!

You don’t need to steal, just ask!

A lovely Ebayer (who must have amazing memory) sent me a message today saying that she recognized one of my RMK pics on someone’s listing on the Bay. I went to check and sure enough, it had been nicely cropped so that the watermarking was gone! How cheeky I thought, whilst being aghast at the […]

Testing, tester

Do you know what’s really annyoing? Being in a rush, grabbing something then finding someone had used it as a tester. This has happened to me recently with: 1) Hair wax. Big finger well, where someone had scraped some out. Do you really need to test hair wax? Maybe its a consistency issue. But this […]

I. Can’t. Stand. It.

Moving home is horrific, horrific I tell you. Took three days without sleep – ok so I used child labour and I didn’t do THAT much but it made me tired just watching people move around. How do we accumulate so much stuff? Never mind the mountains of make up I had to move but […]

I hate Facebook

I’m talking about Facebook. I wish I could wring the neck of the person that first insisted a year ago that I join. ‘Its the best fing, eva!’ they said. One year later and I have learnt (or is it learned? anyway): 1. Facebook eats time like vibrators eat batteries…not that I would know. People […]

House of Fraser Sale Day

For UK ladies, (or gents) House of Fraser is having their blue cross day – 25% off for clothes and accessories, 10% for cosmetics. The House of Fraser near me, Kendals, sells a lot of the big brands, MAC, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Benefit, Aveda, Clinique, Chanel, Clarins etc. etc. etc. Since I have my eyes […]

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