Screw You No.2! Review and Kiss Airways Disaster


My friend, who I will call Cautious Peggy, is always telling me that I am too whimsical with my choices in life and I say to her, shut it Peggy, I am a free sprit. But I should’ve listened to her when she told me that booking holidays with lesser heard of travel agents. But it wasn’t my fault! We listened some guy who works with Mr C’s who we shall call Norman and booked […]

*UPDATED* Screw You! I hate Paypal so so so so so so much & Paypal are fraudsters who hold your money for 180 days!


Another day, another rant. This time Paypal is under the radar! ** I have just heard from Paypal. They have refused to release the money to me OR to the sellers and will hold the funds for 180 days. Let me repeat that. They will hold this money for 180 days – that’s SIX months. We can count, Paypal. Saying 180 days doesn’t lessen the blow. What I don’t get is, we are just asking […]

When Online Shopping Goes Wrong: Home Delivery Network, Uni Qlo, New Look, ASOS, No Refunds, Why?


**UPDATE 25/09/2010: Regarding Home Delivery Network, we went to collect it – it was SO FAR AWAY, must have cost about £7 in petrol for the round journey, and the envelope had no stickers on it. As far as I know, when the courier makes an attempted delivery, they stick a sticker on and write the time and date. There is some biro scribbled on my envelope which says, ‘no access’ (untrue), then no further […]

Screw You! Fragrance Direct UK Discount Perfume Store Review & Rant


Why do I do this to myself? I made an order last week – let’s call it I woz bored shopping, at Like many similar online discount stores, they sell discounted scent, skincare and make up. There are lots of these kinds of sites on the web, some are fantastic, some not so much. Fragrance Direct is one of the bigger, well known discount stores so despite some people telling me it was dodgy, […]

Screw You! Home Delivery Network or Yodel; Different Name Still Crap Couriers


I first ranted about Home Delivery Network on December 2008 – now I hear that they will be rebranding as “Yodel”. I wonder why? Maybe it’s because when I mention “Home Delivery Network” there’s always a group *facepalm* followed by, “They’re shite!”. Anyway so I bought some boots from New Look, paid £4.95 for Next Day Delivery and waited…and waited… I know when a courier is screwing with me so I called HDN throughout the […]

Another crap photo printing company:, a breach of security and crap service—-Inbox.jpg

Ok, so I tried out another company called (I am actually giving up and going with Asda in a moment, at least they are half decent). tell you that if you sign up you get 100 free prints! Hurrah! So I go through the whole uploading process again and get to checkout. What a surprise! They aren’t applying the 100 free prints after all but I can have 20 free prints with every […]

Not on a day when I haven’t had carbs: Pixum Photo Printing Services are Shiteous


Sorry but I have to get this rant out as I haven’t had a carb all day and am about to strangle someone….or something. This doesn’t help. I was looking for somewhere to print my holiday snaps (old people, like my Nan, you know, they like “real photos”) so came across Pixum – one of the first photo printing companies to appear on Google. Everything looked good, I uploaded my photos (took about an hour, […]

You roast the chicken, not yourself: Calypso Deep Tan Original Carrot Oil


I was searching eBay for some SPF protection for my hair and scalp, when I spotted this Calypso Deep Tan Original Carrot Oil with SPF….0. Man, do they still make this stuff? I remember when the girls at school used to cover themselves in vegetable oil and burn themselves in the “front” garden, over a sunny weekend in the pursuit of a tan. They’d turn up at school nice and toasty the for the next […]

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