Unrelated beauty rant: The Manchester Metrolink Tram Service are possibly the worst public transport service, EVER


Look away if you don’t like reading random rants about random stuff.  Because today I am talking about dreaded public transport. Oh yes. No matter where you are in the world, I am sure you have your brushes with overpriced, under performing public transport. For me it’s a tram system called the Metrolink. Public Transport out of London generally sucks.  Oh Londoners, I know you want to say the Tube smells, and it’s busy, and […]

Why Dreamhost hosting sucks: A brief review


The site has been down pretty much all day today, (4th August 2011) and after around 10 hours of being down, it is back up. It’s been a busy day so I haven’t had the chance to throw any sausages at the screen, nevertheless, it’s been very frustrating to have people contact me saying they couldn’t get on to the site.  Also I was exceptionally productive with writing posts last night, for the first time […]

Screw You! Hard To Find Records of htfr.com Review – they suck


**UPDATE 05.05.2011: I have sent 2 emails both have been completely ignored. Have also called when they said the payment has been ‘authorised’ but yet nothing is showing. Quite frankly I don’t believe them. In my experience once I get a returns received email from a company the refund notice from Paypal arrives shortly afterwards. They say because they have a business account so a refund can arrive at ‘any time’ – well I have […]

Screw You! eBay and Paypal, the Beatrice and Eugenie of the internet


I’ve long defended eBay despite the many problems people tell me they have with them but the straw has broken the camels back (I am the camel). I mean, their fees are absolutely extortionate (you pay listing fees, final sale fees – the higher the value of the item you sell, the more it will cost you – then Paypal will take a cut of the money too). If you pay with Paypal and you […]

Screw You! Bad eBay Sellers that don’t listen: ViVi Diamond Club


It’s ranty time here – and this time it’s an eBay seller! I purchased a few make up items (4 in total) from seller ViVi Diamond Club (user name: babykula_318). I told them clearly, that I wanted each item sent separately and was happy to pay the shipping costs – why? Because anything that is over £18 attracts a customs fee which is usually tax plus “handling fees”. I figured that paying shipping separately would […]

How not to engage with bloggers: Twitter, Multibrands Ltd & something called Lipice


Edit August 2011: Since a few people have asked about this, I thought I’d clarify this matter which happened a long time ago now. After this kicked off a number of things happened – someone from the company finally spotted this post and said they were ‘in touch with the lawyers’. Someone from the company then got in touch with me, asked for my phone number to discuss the matter and I got numerous – […]

Screw You No.4! Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Contract on Orange


My phone (a HTC hero) has given me nothing but grief over the 18 months I’ve had it – it’s been difficult to use but to be fair, being on Orange doesn’t help. It’s a patchy network – phone calls are always cutting off and I randomly get texts failing but I have been too lazy to change, instead faithfully paying my phone bills which vary from £40-£85 for the last seven years. Well enough […]

Screw You No.3! Royal Mail and the case of missing International Parcels


No, I’m not done with Screw Yous! It’s out old favourite up now, Royal Mail. Royal Mail, generally, go a good job. In fact, until recently a lot parcel was rare but in the last few months, I’ve been getting more post, and the ratio of ‘lost stuff’ has gone soaring up the roof. Press samples, inevitably, go walkies – sometimes I let it go, sometimes if it something I have been dying to test […]

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