Random Find of the Day: Soak Washing Powder!

In a new series of random finds (I do, occasionally buy things other than make up, honestly, like bacon and books), I present to you today, SOAK – a clothing detergent (is that the right word?) that is very eco-friendly and great for delicate items. I got some sachets to try (£1.65 from here) – apparently you can just put your item in a bucket or sink or whatever, and put this stuff with it […]

Cat Disaster!

It’s Monday. How ya doin?! Me? Not so great. One of the many disasters I had this week is that my boy cat, who is desperate to be an extra in the next Jackie Chan movie decided that jumping from the floor to the top of a wardrobe is a good idea and came flying into my arm (it really hurt). What did I have in my hand at the time? An inferior cup of […]

Giveaway Winner & Other Stuff!

Hey hey!! How are you all doing? I have been ok, although my weekend has been hectic. My first (and only – for a while) blog sale will be up later on today 8pm GMT time (I think its about 3pm in New York – click HERE to see what time the blog sale will start in your neck of the woods). There’s no need to rush though! It will stay up for a week […]

The News Page, Giveaway and Nails!

Can you believe its October? Have you achieved all you wanted to this year? I had many rants to post about this week, but I’ve realised that ranting only leads to more ranting, until one is so ranted out, that there is nothing left of oneself but a puddle of angst. So I will refrain. Instead, let me draw your attention to the new… News Page This is a quick place to go to to […]

3 Polls and some Randomossity: Happy Friday, Happy October, Meow!

It’s Friday at last people! What a week I’ve had. I have so many cool posts in mind but I’m just so exhausted I can’t quite muster them up so bear with me…The swatch gallery is taking longer than expected, but I have faith in my computer whizz and I hope to have it up in the next month.  Also, I can’t believe its October and I haven’t won the damn lottery yet. I am […]

New! New! New! New! New!

Two new things that will be happening on the blog: a. I will do a weekly catch up, random post for free chatting about anything at all and just to let you know what is coming up on the blog and b. There will be a new daily post featuring a random swatch. We will call this Random Swatch. (P.S. The Hello Kitty was just a bribe to get you to read this post.)

Randomosity: My new Shu Uemura Palette

Shu Uemura brought out a large palette costing £25 which takes 36 shadows or 18 blushers. My Shu Shadows don’t get much love so I decided to pick out my favs and put them in my big palette. Here it is: Notice the colors with a dip in them are the metallic shades from the older formula (before it got a nice posh, sturdy thick case). They are delicious, the best shadows in the world, […]

Cosmetic Candy Asks You: Who do you think is beautiful?

Judging by the conversations I’ve had lately, everyone’s taste in what they deem as beautiful seems to vary a lot these days. It got me thinking, who do other people think are beauties, and why* *You can’t say your mum. We get it, you love your mum, but its not cliché day. I personally like natural beauties, less fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, more old school glamour. I also find that if someone is […]

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