Man Tip: How to play snake when you’re waiting for a YouTube video to load.


Mr C INSISTED I blog about this. Sorry. So for people who didn’t know…when you’re waiting for a video to load on YouTube, click on the screen, on the actual video (the black bit) and press one of the arrow keys on the keyboard and you get…snake! The game! Random tip of the day. I am still in the process of making new videos. I can’t believe it’s nearly been a year since I made […]

Happy Royal Wedding Day!


Just a note to say that I won’t be watching the Royal Wedding live because I’m going to Alton Towers today – priorities people, priorities. With that in mind, I hope everyone has a wonderful day off and that the wedding goes well because I adore The Queen. Let me know if Kate Middleton goes through with it, and if you like her dress!

Geeky Haul of the Day: Le Petit Prince Limited Edition Moleskine Notebooks


Sorry it’s been quiet on the blog the last few days ladies, but I’ve been busy spring cleaning and sorting out some other projects! I thought Easter was supposed to be a break!? Anyway check out my latest notebook haul! Cleaning up I realised that I have a ridiculous amount of notebooks but…always room for one more. Moleskine brings out a limited edition design every year – last year it was Snoopy, the year before […]

20 Things I learned from William and Kate: The Movie


I, for one, am really looking forward to the Royal Wedding – after all, it’s not going to happen very often in my lifetime and I can’t wait to see what The Queen will be wearing (I love the Queen). In the UK, you can’t get away from Royal Wedding stuff, it is there every 5 seconds on TV, in the papers, on the net, on the radio etc. etc. Anyway, yesterday, whilst I was […]

Hauls: What came in the post this week and upcoming reviews…


It’s been a busy week and when I am busy and perhaps a little emotional I get a bit spendy. It has been a real good week for hauling some make up! Anyway just a random, fun Friday post for you to finish the week. Have tons and tons of posts to write so bear with me I’ll be back with you in full action soon. I’ve had some really fun bits come in the […]

Cravendale Cats with Thumbs Advert = Win

Mr C came home yesterday ordering me to find the Cravendale advert on YouTube because I’d love it. I was pretty dubious because this is the man that told me I’d love Mythbusters and a book on The History of Railways. But a man has to be right some times, and I do, I do love it. Please watch: I’ve always said that the day my cats learn to use their thumbs is the day […]

Feel Good Friday: Stuff On My Cat & Why you shouldn’t send me too much padding


This is a post to contrast tomorrows screw you extravaganza. There’s nothing better than a stacked cat. Just thought I’d share some pictures of one of my cats, CJ, who always sits next to me when I’m taking blog photos. No matter what…. Even when I try to make wigs out of straggly bits that come with my post… She’s so patient… Someone asked me recently how my cats are well behaved…well they’re not all […]

Geeky Stuff: Orange & T-Mobile Merge, What you have to do…


Yeah yeah yeah so all I do is moan about my phone – but basically I spend about £60-£120 on my phone bills per month but I have zero 3G/2G connectivity when I get to work. So for 9 hours of the day I can’t use Twitter properly (vital, I know) or get my emails so when I get home I have to sit here and respond to numerous messages and a ton of my […]

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