Friday Chit Chat: How does your man deal with the make up in your life?


“Her eye make up is terrible…it clashes with her blusher.” …..said Mr C at the TV, the other day. That’s right. How does a man with no interest in beauty and has never bought anything other than some basic moisturiser and a bar of soap suddenly become so judgemental about blue eyeshadow and orange blusher? BECAUSE HE’S WITH A MAKE UP ADDICT LIKE ME DAY IN DAY OUT, THAT’S WHY! Which made me think about […]

Hello, McFly! Dealing with negative comments on your blog & the socially inept


Two things made me write this post – getting more vitriolic* comments of late and this court case. (If you are a blogger, do read. There are some real implications for bloggers everywhere). *I’m surprised its taken this long considering my somewhat forthright views on Amanda Holden. So let’s begin my rambling… Free For All It is part and parcel of making yourself available online that you will occasionally, rightly or wrongly, get some form […]

He knows me so well

So I have been procrastinating all week, surfing the internet the handbags when I should have been doing some work. The other half just sent me this email with a graph – I think he’s trying to tell me something: The internet is an extension of me, and I am an extension of it. Apart we do not exist. Sigh.

Happy Weekend!


Have fun this weekend! How come I feel so discombobulated? Like I’m here, but not all here. Do add me on Twitter, it’s getting a bit more interesting! Check out the poll on the right in the sidebar – let me know what you want! I update around 3 times a day, have you kept up? Some posts of the week: Giveaway – Anastasia Brow Crap Clinique Mascara Even crapper customer service Kiss’s really cute […]

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