Sunday Shopping: Random Beauty Finds from around the Web and ASOS are STUPID

I’m writing this post on a late Saturday night whilst I watch Breaking Bad and do a bit of internet browsing – always dangerous for random shopping!   I’ve found some gems you beauties may like!  Firstly – Pixi! I absolutely adore their Endless Silky Eye Pen especially the colour options (such as bronze and teal) so wanted to get on my hands on their newest green liner.  Then I spotted this kit: It includes […]

New Granny Hobby Alert: Crochet! Cute Baby! Hats!


As if I have time for hobbies; what with looking after Baby H, an army of kitties, work, household chores – who has time to do ‘other stuff’?! But sometimes that other stuff, even if it’s just for 15 minutes a day (in my case!) is a really nice way to relax a little. So my new hobby is – Crochet. I squarely blame this new hobby on Bubblegarm who makes really beautiful blankets, hats […]

Still a Nars – a – holic


Mr C treated me to a Nars haul a while ago – well he did say get what you like so here it is! …I am snowed under at the moment and very busy with Baby C so it’ll be a while before I get to review these but I thought I’d give you a sneak peek! I collect (ahem) the Nars artist palettes, so I got American Dream, New Wave, Foreplay Orgasm (Blush) and […]

Friday Frippery: Guess what this is?


Hurrah! It is Friday! I am very pleased as I have a weekend with a bit of pampering and a special appointment, then lots of frantic rushing around as I have 2 weeks off work for my wedding and honeymoon! Just for a bit of fun – it’s guess the beauty tool time! Can you tell me what this is? This is not particularly cheap to buy and it has a special element to it […]

Beauty Bloggers Computer Accidents and My Dream Laptop!


This weekend I was trying to remove my caviar nails…as I’ve only just moved I had no idea where my regular nail polish remover was but I did find some pure Acetone.  Stupidly, I was leaning on my laptop and blogging whilst removing polish…big mistake. The Acetone reacted with the plastic of my Macbook and it made it bubble up and turn into a matte finish super while glob (it looks like someone spilled paint […]

Chit Chat: Captcha, Kitty Cats, Weddings


So after an extremely stressful week and 48 continuous hours of house moving with no sleep (well, ok I got some sleep, Mr C did not) we finally, somehow moved into a new pad! it will take a little while to get settled as the very boring job of getting settled in begins. I don’t know about you but it takes me months to unpack all my boxes! Meanwhile, whilst we get our bearings I […]

I went on holiday! My week in Budapest


A few weeks ago, Mr C took me to Budapest for my birthday. I don’t go on holiday very often; I find the whole process quite stressful really, but once I am away I feel much more zen! My opinion of Budapest or Buda-pesht as our driver would say; it’s very scenic, very very cold, and a real mix of the old and new.  Rickety old trolley buses pass many, many Starbucks branches. Best sight by far, was The […]

Emergency On The Go Beauty Kit! What is yours?


Earlier this week I had a killer busy day, one of those where you’re booked up with appointments from 8 in the morning til 9pm at night. I love it, although in my experience, by the end of the day I am a sweaty, greasy, fumbling hot mess.  Indeed, following directions and getting around is not my forte. But this time I wanted to be prepared for the inevitable getting sweaty and lost!  Without carrying […]

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