Primark Staff Rant on Facebook, Queues continue to Grow

I read a piece today on that high class rag, The News of The World about Primark, you know the shop I love to hate and their staff posting abuse about their customers. Article is here. Example: Meanwhile a women’s department assistant moans at “hefty” shoppers who need to “lose some f****** weight” instead of insisting they are a 16 “when they are obviously a 22 or 24″. They of course did it on a […]

The £1 Primark Eyeshadow Test!


Even I can’t resist the occasional whip around Primark. They do have some great bargains – I love their oil cloth cosmetic bags which are strong, waterproof and spacious for only £4. The best time to visit Primark is first thing or last thing. If you go about 15 mins before closing time, just watch the usually s-l-o-o-w-w-w staff suddenly become madly efficient. You also avoid the crowds of slack jawed people, usually entire families […]

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