Dry your eyes, girls: Prescriptives Lustre Christmas 2009 Colour Collection

As many of you already know, Prescriptives will be bowing out shortly, after many years of loyal service. This collection will be the last one launched and its Limited Edition (obviously) for Christmas 2009 – Lustre: You like? If you love Prescriptives, now really is the time to figure out what you need to stock up on before they go. I am thinking about going down to get a few custom mixed lip glosses and […]

I don’t like you in that way; Prescriptives Colourscape Palette in Warm

I don’t own anything from Prescriptives, but the Christmas palette, Colourscape in Cool & Warm seem like a good idea. You get six full sized eyeshadows and two full sized blushers. The fact that they are full size should have given me a clue but I didn’t realise how humungous the palette world be and heavy – in my opinion, it is not compact enough to take out and about with you are certainly not […]

Maquillage Neo Climax – Controversy!

I think Maquillage make some of the best lipsticks and glosses around..I really do. I bought five colours from the New Climax colours – this one being by far my favourite – RS755: It’s a cool toned rose with shimmers. The tube is unusal as it looks like a lipstick, you it actually plastic, so you swivel it and the colour comes out. The thing is – I rarely finish any make up because I […]

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