Tell Me: What beauties are you bored of?

Good Afternoon, my beauties! I have so, so much to post about, I just don’t have the time to do it all. Stuff coming up include my 24 Carat Gold Facial, and a super sparkly Tutorial look. Also lots of gift recommendations etc. etc. Hopefully, you are enjoying the December Posts even if there aren’t as many going up as quickly as I had hoped…. Anyway – I want to ask you a question… Beauty […]

What’s your beauty obsessions?

Believe it or not, I am a little obsessed with make up. When my make up obsessions take hold there is no stopping me. I go through fads. I am that chick that has a breadmaker, a yogurt maker, a doughnut maker and an exercise bike. I buy things in threes. I buy entire ranges if I like the formula. I buy things based on packaging. I buy things that have a certain word in […]

POLL: What brands do you want to see on Cosmetic Candy?

So lets talk make up brands. I do try to vary things up as much as I can on the blog. I have a real love for Asian cosmetics of course, which is one of the reasons I started blogging in the first place, but I do love popping onto my local make up counters for a quick fix. I do also have a habit of seeking random and rare things out (thanks to eBay) […]

What’s your dream skincare get up?

Every now and then I order some Japanese magazines to read – my favourites are Maquia, Voce and Biteki. This month they were pretty naff, but nevertheless I couldn’t help but start lusting over some pretty, pretty skincare after seeing their adverts. It got me thinking – what Skincare, if money were no object would you use? Would you go for pretty Jill Stuart like packaging of the brand name of Creme de la Mer? […]

Will the recession change your Christmas spending?

I have been planning the Christmas gift guide for Cosmetic Candy for a week and I have been making a list (and checking it twice) today, in regards to Christmas and what presents I would have to waste my money on buy this year. I find gift buying very easy and it makes me deliriously happy to buy things for other people whether they want it or not. It doesn’t need to be Christmas to […]

The ‘C’ word

Its nearly November…which means its nearly…C….C….Ch…Christmas… Have lots of lovely festive posts coming up although I am usually more of a Bah Humbug type. Done pretty much all of my Christmas shopping and got my paws on lots of Christmas collections. But I don’t want to overload you before its time to tell me in the poll:

Cosmetic Candy Asks You: Who do you think is beautiful?

Judging by the conversations I’ve had lately, everyone’s taste in what they deem as beautiful seems to vary a lot these days. It got me thinking, who do other people think are beauties, and why* *You can’t say your mum. We get it, you love your mum, but its not cliché day. I personally like natural beauties, less fake hair, fake nails, fake tan, more old school glamour. I also find that if someone is […]

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