Poll Time: Do you give in to pressure selling?


As seasoned as I am on make up counters, there are times, when faced with a full frontal Sales Assistant attack that I just cannot defend myself. She’s too scary. She’s too forceful. She’s too good at giving me reasons why I need her product. She is already calculating what to spend her bonus on. Me at the till: Some people say that they can just walk away regardless… I tend to find myself fairly […]

Beauty Mishap? Catherine Zeta Jones leaves powder on, erm, nose


Just a few days ago I was defending our dear Catherine Zeta Jones against the nasty Daily Mail who were calling her old, haggard and using a clearly photoshopped image (other photo editing software is available). And then, this: Ok, ok let’s calm down. She was in the Darling Buds of May!!! Therefore, I refuse to believe this white powdery substance around her nose is anything other than Laura Mercier Translucent Powder (other brands are […]

Poll: Is drugstore / high street make up too expensive?


I was doing a bit of sympathy shopping the other day (sympathy for whom you ask? Why, for myself!) and decided to buy a few things from Boots as opposed to Harvey Nichols (everything they give me is always slightly faulty anyway), in a faux ‘look how frugal I’m being’ stance. I purchased three items and I nearly faked a concussion (again) at the till when the girl told me my total was about £27.60 […]

How heavy is your Handbag?


Just seen a report on the news (must be a quiet day) about how women are ‘downsizing’ their handbags. Downsizing….hand…..bag…..DO. NOT. COMPUTE. I have a bad back and shoulders as it is with my enormous Chi-Chis so I have been trying to downsize. I bought the Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag which is much smaller than my normal bag thinking it would force me to downsize. Mistake. The Wang has metal studs on the bottom […]

Poll: How many posts do you want on Cosmetic Candy?

This may have been something I’ve asked you before but I want to be sure – how many posts do you want to see on Cosmetic Candy? I generally do at least 3 posts a day, but somedays I may go nuts and post 15! But then do you have time to read these? Do you feel overwhelmed if there is too much new content? Do you prefer things more spread out? Tell me in […]