L’oreal Infalliable Eye Colour in Purple Obsession, All Night Blue, Goldmine Review and Swatches


I have heard so many positive things about the L’oreal Infalliable Eye Colours that I decided to pick up 3 when they were on 3 for 2 in Superdrug.  Superdrug seem to be getting their act together and their once very messy counters look tidier and I’ve noticed these eyeshadows were sealed up with tape too to prevent people from opening new products and dipping their fingers in (why do people do that?!). I chose […]

2true Eyeshadow Dazzlers and Glitter Liner swatches


2true is a value range which you can buy from Superdrug – any 3 items for £5 or £1.99 each. Not bad eh! I tried a few of the goodies out and did some swatches – and once again I’ve found a good quality range for the price! 2true eyeshadow dazzlers are mini pots of pigments that will last a lot longer than it looks The shades I got are sparkly and quite blue toned! […]

Randomness Post No. 2: Fyrinnae Pigment Random Eyeshadow Swatches


Ok, I am in a really random mood today, so this is my random post number 2 of 5! Finally, some other random eyeshadows from Fyrinnae I forgot I owned! No idea if they still sell these, hopefully they do Magic Missiles: A bright sunshine yellow. Platinum: The perfect cool metallic silver – reminds me of a cooler version of Newcastle. Disorganization:

My Stash: Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches: Purples


Part three now – here are some purple (or purple-ish!) Fyrinnae pigment eyeshadows I have. Unlike the browns and greens, these aren’t quite the knockout shades I expected, but they are still totally gorgeous. Sluagh: A mid toned purple with gold infused in it. Changeling: A dark metallic grey-purple. Its quite unusual… Fyre and Ice:

My Stash: Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches: Greens and Blues


Here are a few more of the pigments I bought ageesss ago. I had no idea I owned so many! I don’t use pigments all the time – too messy but I love how pigmented they are. I always use some kind of wet or sticky base with pigments otherwise they wear of quite quickly with my oily lids. Mermen: Love the name Mermen! This is a lush bright emerald green. Dragonmagic: This is a […]

My Stash: Fyrinnae Pigment Eyeshadow Swatches: Browns and Golds


Fyrinnae create unique cosmetics – pigments, lip colours, blushers etc. I have known about the brand for a long time but recently made a purchase (yet to arrive!) consisting of some lip lustres and the Pixie Epoxy that people keep telling me about (an eyeshadow primer). So then I started thinking…I’m sure, many moons ago, that I purchased a number of Fyrinnae pigments…and I did! I did! So here are some pictures and swatches for […]

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar and Pigment Review


Yet another IMATS purchase! I bought 4 lip tars (what was left over!) and 2 pigments to have a play with: I got four shades of Lip Tar (the only other ones left were black, green, purple – you get the idea). Lip Tars have this amazing texture – highly pigmented, but quite runny. A challenge for sure but still – unique and well worth a play. The Lip Swatches: Petty Beige – Melange –

Collection & Swatches: Scott Barnes Royal Eye Ice Loose Pigment Eyeshadows

So I went through a phase of deciding I had to have lots and lots of things from the Scott Barnes collection so I picked up several of these Eye Ice pigments too from StrawberryNet. These loose pigment eyeshadows come in a number of jewel tones. Like with all loose pigment eyeshadows, one needs to take more time with application, and needs to be careful incase of fall out. Each of the shadows come in […]

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