Sunday Snaps: 4 photographs from from the weekend


Last weekend was still quite sunny (it’s ridiculously grey, windy and rainy where I am right now! God I wish there was some sun seeing as I’ve just bought a load of summer outfits!). So here’s 4 random photographs from when the sun was still around… 1. Frozen Yoghurt… …is my bag. I am obsessed with it at the moment, it’s nothing like the stuff I used to have as a kid, which was hard […]

Digging out my camera: 10 Random Lazy Sunday Garden Photos


For no reason whatsoever, its a Sunday ramble post! I was left holding the baby recently, and I decided to dig out my SLR since it was a warm day and take some photos of my aunts 18 month old daughter. So I don’t know who was more disturbed, her or me. She had just woken up and was super grouchy, I had just gotten over her waking up and screaming when she realised I […]

5 Essential Photography Tips for Beauty Bloggers


I’ve been asked a few times about doing a Photography Guide for beauty bloggers, about using the camera and posing too, so I’ve rumbled something together for you. Hopefully you will find some tips to help you get better pictures for your blog or personal use! Ya ready? Then let’s learn the things Richard Avedon would never have taught you. 1. Do the dour duckface Every self respecting beauty blogger needs to perfect the dour […]

Well that didn’t go very well: Jessops Customer Service

A few weeks ago, some PR offered me a voucher to spend at Jessops so that I could order some Christmas photo gifts and if I was happy with them, report back to you guys. Well…I’m not particularly happy with it but I am telling you anyway. So I could choose two small photo items – I picked a snow globe (£4) with a picture of my family’s newest addition, and a Linen cloth bag […]

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