Nail Swatches & Review! Peripera DIY Magic Nail Kit Review in Magic Green


Currently extremely popular with Korean cosmetic companies are these nail polish sets that feature 2-3 polishes that can be used separately or together.  The sets are usually presented nicely in a box (so good for gifting) and are very reasonably priced! I couldn’t resist this Peripera nail polish ‘DIY Magic Nail Kit’ because of the greens – green is my favourite colour! I have reviewed many Peripera nail polishes (the one that looks like a […]

NOTD Peripera Nail Polish in GR308 – Acid Lime Green Nail Varnish!


Another Peripera nail polish! I am obsessed! The fact is I love a snotty green polish.  Love it. This bright green-yellow-lime shade is just so garish that I love it. No ones bogey is that luminous but I still love it: The packaging is fine – the end of the handle is too long for my liking though.

Haul: Peripera Nail Enamel, the Modern Collection! GR309, PP109, BL607, PK091


I spent a bit of time talking about the Peripera Perfume nail polishes and now I have moved on to the Nail Enamel range! The Nail Enamel Range is cheaper (about £2 less) and is supposed to be a 1 coat, quick dry and long lasting polish. It should last 7 days based on just one single coat! Here are 4 of the newest shades, Modern Green, Modern Blue, Modern pink and Modern Purple. I […]

New Mascara Time! Peripera My Lash Serum Dual Mascara Review


I am somewhat at a mascara-dead-zone at the moment.  My lashes aren’t behaving of late, they are super duper straight, and all the mascaras I’ve been using are not holding curl.  It’s so annoying seeing the lashes nicely curled then flop as a single layer of the black stuff is applied; it’s like erectile dysfunction but for the lashes. So I have been discovering new mascaras again! I don’t fancy anther lash perm, because as […]

Peripera Nail Polish ‘Perfume Enamel’ of the Day No.9: P045 Green Khaki


Peripera has a set of 5 new ‘satin’ polish colours – all very elegant, metallic and shiny! I chose just one of the shades because I felt the other colours (although pretty) are a bit….dated. I don’t know…I picture my mum wearing them circa 1993. I chose the most modern colour which is the snotty Green Khaki: Pretty! There’s something about metallics though, it can make chubby fingers look…chubbier. Why didn’t I inherit my mothers […]

Peripera Nail Polish ‘Perfume Enamel’ of the Day No.8: P027 Metallic Green


I mentioned in an earlier post that the Peripera green polishes are gorgeous – they are! This one Metallic Green is a real beauty: Does this green infused with gold toned pearl remind you of anything? Yes! Missha Crystal Polish in HGR01!

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