Screw You! eBay and Paypal, the Beatrice and Eugenie of the internet


I’ve long defended eBay despite the many problems people tell me they have with them but the straw has broken the camels back (I am the camel). I mean, their fees are absolutely extortionate (you pay listing fees, final sale fees – the higher the value of the item you sell, the more it will cost you – then Paypal will take a cut of the money too). If you pay with Paypal and you […]

*UPDATED* Screw You! I hate Paypal so so so so so so much & Paypal are fraudsters who hold your money for 180 days!


Another day, another rant. This time Paypal is under the radar! ** I have just heard from Paypal. They have refused to release the money to me OR to the sellers and will hold the funds for 180 days. Let me repeat that. They will hold this money for 180 days – that’s SIX months. We can count, Paypal. Saying 180 days doesn’t lessen the blow. What I don’t get is, we are just asking […]

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