Paul & Joe 2012 Summer Collection inspired by A Midsummer Night’s Dream


A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the main Shakespeare play we studies at College; know who I had to play? Puck. Only idiots play Puck. But I digress.  I may be a bit slow on the uptake, but Paul & Joe’s 2012 Summer Collection is too pretty not to share.  Also I have a big occasion coming up in the Summer and I am definitely going to invest in some of these products.  1. Shimmering Pressed […]

Haul: Paul & Joe Self Select Eye Color Eyeshadow Swatches and Palette!


I am not above hauling some Paul & Joe, and since they are quite expensive, I am most definitely up for some bargains. Best place to find cheap Paul & Joe eyeshadows?  eBay! I paid about £7 each for each eyeshadow (which is about half price) and £6 for 2 empty palettes. I wanted to do a brown combo palette and a pink one.  There’s a space left in my pink palette because I have […]

Paul & Joe Eye Gloss Duo B Blue Horizon Collection; Smooth Sailing, Fathom, Depth Swatches and Review


Slowly but surely, Paul & Joe have been rehauling their make up.  They haven’t changed the actual exterior packaging (good) but they’ve been swapping over their eyeshadows, lipsticks, face products for some time. Their classic eye glosses, which were so good and unique to Paul & Joe have changed to the Eye Gloss Duos…. They say: Inspired by the summer sun and the ocean, these eye colours let you create a range of beautiful looks. […]

Because I just can’t buy one: Paul & Joe Make Up Brushes Pinceau Review!


eBay is a really good place to get some make up brush bargains PROVIDED that you know what you are looking for and use trusted sellers with good feedback. You can get good discounts but obviously be sensible – no one is selling a full range of MAC brushes for £9.99! I purchase these Paul & Joe Brushes from eBay for an average of £10 each. Not bad huh! They retail for a lot more. […]

Paul & Joe Christmas Collection on Beauty Bay from 01st October 2011


The following collection is far too delicious to not share with you! Obviously I am a fan of Paul & Joe and having not had the best experiences on their counters, I am totally sticking to buying the range online.  I have enough faith in the brand to buy blind. Ok ok ok.  So you know how I bought the Paul & Joe select eyeshadow colours a while back? They were nice but the colours […]

Friday Giveaway: Paul & Joe Face Colour in Rose


If you haven’t tried Paul & Joe Face Colours, you should. They are gorgeous blushers that come with a highlighting shade to the side. Mix the two together or use individually for a customised finish! Wanna win? Simply leave me a comment telling me: What’s the last thing that happened that made you blush? Me: I blush all the time because I’m always doing stupid things. I did realise I had my top on inside […]

Paul & Joe Clair De Lune Collection: Face & Eye Colour in Silvery Moon


I talked about this gorgeous collection from Paul & Joe a while ago, and I finally got something from it to play with. Their Face & Eye Colour comes in three colour combinations, I was sent Silvery Moon to try. It comes in this beautiful clear box: What do I hate? Cardboard packaging. But I like this – why? It’s compact. Yes the lid is cardboard but there is superfluous material like tons of card […]

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