Hauled It: Paul & Joe Self Select Eye Shadow Swatches, Free Gift, and a rant


The last time I was at a Paul & Joe counter, I wrote about how the SA shadowed my every step until I gave in a purchased all the items she wanted me to.  This time, I was in the same store (Fenwicks, London) but the staff were new and they totally different. I was excited, so excited about going to a Paul & Joe counter to pick some Select Eyeshadows for a palette.  I […]

Paul & Joe Christmas Haul


There’s some collections you see that just give you judders – Paul & Joe’s was one of them. My haulage arrived and I haven’t been SO excited for a long time. The shoe box: These are the free gifts I got – a set of three matching bags:

Paul & Joe Mail Order at Fenwick

I have been salivating over the Paul & Joe Christmas Collection since it came out on the 1st Oct. Some collections I’ve loved and left, like the Bobbi Brown stuff. But the Paul & Joe, I know I could sacrifice some other purchases for. I don’t know why Paul & Joe still feels very luxurious to me – I feel like its too pretty and I don’t want to ruin it by using it. Anyway… […]

Paul & Joe perfect for Christmas!


Paul & Joe’s Christmas collection has got me running round in circles.  It’s STUNNING. I love Paul & Joe’s eye gloss completely. They have been reformulated – can you IMAGINE?! I am even loving the look of the red lipsticks, and the eye pencils.  The loose powders I don’t know – I have around 60 MAC pigments, do I use them? Nada. Enjoy – You can strangle me now, because I’m mentioned Christmas in October.  […]

Paul & Joe Sweetie Pallette 02


I spotted a bargain at ASOS.com – the Paul & Joe Sweetie palette reduced to £12.  (Before I carry on I dislike Asos intensely for their crap returns policy and the immense possiblities their clothes come in.  I do look cos I like the styling of their outfits and they have nice accessories). So ASOS are stocking Paul & Joe!  I love the brand but it seems like a waste of time to me – […]

Paul & Joe Primer

A girl can’t have enough eye primers, right? After all, what good is eye make up that doesn’t last? I previously reviewed a load of them, but the search never ends! I love Paul & Joe eyeglosses. They smell great, and leave a truly glossy sheen to the skin. I had to try their primer, which is in a similar bottle. This base is a fleshy colour, it looks dark in the tube (almost a […]

Shu Uemura Quad

I found this little gem on HK Facial Shop. I already have this limited case (which comes as an empty) from 2007 collections. This one came with four shades already loaded – I tried picking them out but ended up smudging the yellow instead so I will try again when my paws, I mean hands, are less shaky. I have tons of Shu eyeshadows, and I don’t think I have the sunny metallic yellow, or […]

Haulage Pics & Thoughts

So over the last week since I’ve been away I’ve had random haulage…I might have posted these before. My brain it like batter at the moment so if I have posted 3 year old lipstick forgive me. But as far as I remember this stuff is new. Yes, they are still boxed. But then again I have a box for boxed stuff. Nevertheless: Paul and Joe Stuff: This is the LE Pressed Powder from 2007 […]

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