Review: Boots No. 7 Limited Edition Palettes Stone & Canvas

Boots No. 7 has brought out two limited edition palettes for Autumn, in Stone & Canvas – two large, cardboard palettes that come with 4 complimentary shades and a soft pencil for £14.00 each. A few key things here: 1. I hate boxy cardboard packaging, without exception. 2. Boots No. 7 is hit or miss. 3. This palette is £14.00 but you’ll never actually pay that cos there’s always a 3 for 2 or a […]

Monday Giveaway: Rimmel 15 Shadow Palette

This weeks competition is for a double tiered Rimmel Palette, which has 15 eyeshadows, 2 cheek colours and a face powder, and four cream lip colours: Doesn’t do it justice, the shadows are very shimmery and metallic. To win, leave a comment: Last week was super rubbish for me, but I know that all things, good and bad are fleeting. When you are feeling down what…

New Product: Sleek MakeUP Curious i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette

Roll up, roll up – Sleek MakeUp are launching a NEW limited edition palette on the 5th August called CURIOUS. Looks like Sleek are running with the i-Divine palette idea and I am glad – for less than £5 you get 12 shades of very soft, pigmented eyeshadows. It’s RIDUNKULOUS! Curious is one of my favourites because it has a lot of the key colours I love – deep olive, deep plum, various shades of […]

Review: Nars Modern Love Palette

Nars, oh Nars. It will always have a special place in my heart because when Nars gets it right, its just make up heaven. I had to buy the Modern Love Palette as I have most of the combination palettes – Philip Lim (haven’t touched it though!), Night Series Palette, another LE palette and more…anyway they are a great way of getting a selection of colours in one place. Modern love palette contains: Alhambra (top […]

Palette & Tutorial Guides

I didn’t realise how many depotting and palette melting posts I had until I did a quick search so for your pleasure: Nars Multiple Palette here Rimmel Lipsticks here Multi Talented Shu Palette Here RMK Shadows in Aveda Palette Lavshuca Shadows in a MAC palette here MAC Pressed Pigments in a CD box here and here NYX Shadows Depotted here Nars Shadows Depotted here Happy Weekend!

Timewasting Tutorial: NYX Lipstick Palette

What does a good time waster do when she has about – ooohh 50 things to do? She makes a lipstick palette! I have quite a few NYX round lipsticks (which are excellent considering the price) so I decided to give 28 the chop chop into one palette: Here’s the palette – which is NOT magnetic! D’oh! The pans are super loose, so I had to use UHU Non Permanent sticky glue dots but this […]

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