8 Days of Shampoo Reviews No. 5: Organic Surge Colour Protect Shampoo & Conditioner Review


**If there is one beauty product I go through quickly it’s shampoo as I wash my hair pretty much every day. For the next 8 days there will reviews from products that I have used for at least 3 weeks each. My hair type is dry, frizzy and coloured** Organic Surge really is a great little affordable brand that sells bodycare, skincare and haircare! A lot of the shampoos I’ve reviewed haven’t been that cheap […]

Organic Surge £10 Cash Back Promotion 16th to 25th November 2010!


From the 16th to 25th November, buy any THREE products from Organic Surge in Boots (priced £5.99 to £7.99). What to do. 1. Go to Boots. Buy your 3 Organic Surge Skincare products. Try not to be distracted by the deodorants, hair bobbles and other things that are in Boots. 2. Keep the receipt. Do not let cat chew. 3. Log on to www.organicsurge.com. 4. Download and complete the application redemption form and send it […]

Review: Organic Surge Fresh Ocean Body Lotion

I have a confession to make. I am totally lazy when it comes to apply moisturizer to my body – it takes too long you see. Nevertheless I am always happy to try out anything organic and nice smelling – so I tried some Organic Surge Body Lotion. Organic Surge avoid parabens, SLS, sulphates, synthetic perfume, chemical antioxidants mineral oils, petroleum, propylene glycol and aggressive foaming agents. Excellent! There are some skincare, hand care and […]

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