Olay Regenerist Big British Beauty Poll 2012 Results!


A few weeks ago I mentioned the Olay Regenerist Big British Beauty Poll 2012 – well, the results are finally in and here are a few of (what I thought!) were the most interesting finds! Some key discoveries are: – Women are spending 15% less on beauty in 2012 vs. 2010 – Anti-Ageing skincare is […]

Olays Big British Beauty Poll!


You may or may not remember, but at the end of 2010, Olay conducted its first Big British Beauty Poll which had 20,000 entries and saw Audrey Hepburn crowned as the most iconic beauty of all time (I agree!).   Following the success of the first poll, Olay are conducting another for the end of […]

Scary Sheet Mask Alert: Olay Total Effects Mask


I am addicted to sheet masks at the moment for a quick skin boost and put on this Olay Total Effects Sheet Mask last night after a shower. Next thing I know, Mr Candy is backing away from me going, “I can’t look at you. I can’t look at you” Because apparently, my sheet mask […]

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