Happy Valentine’s Day!

kitty fur heart

I feel like it’s only right to wish you all a very happy Valentine’s day.  Remember you don’t need a boyfriend or girlfriend to celebrate it! We don’t have anything planned but we are swapping gifts. My present is mega romantic…honest.  No idea what we will have for dinner, whatever is left in the freezer, […]

Happy Easter Chick Chick Chickens!


Happy Easter! My total egg haulage is = 0. My total egg outage is = 3. Its been a bittersweet day for me, full of news and revelations! All I can say is, that which does not kill you can only make you stronger. On a side note, I have just created a Facebook page….yep. […]

Happy Mothers Day!


Wishing you all a Happy Mothers Day! To every mother; hot mommas, new mommas, cat mothers, nagging mothers, cuddly mothers, mothers that will be spending the day with their kids, mothers that are here in spirit, have a wonderful day no matter what you are doing… Today I am taking Momma Candy for lunch – […]

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Wishing you lots of love and cuddles on Valentines Day. Remember guys, Valentines day is not all about boyfriends and girlfriends, roses and diamonds, massage oil and Ann Summers knickers. Its about the Marks and Spencer Dine in for £20! Yeah!

Happy New Year!


Wishing my readers a Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger, may you be as fierce as our stripy feline friends in the upcoming year. ????!

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