NOTD Peripera Nail Polish in GR308 – Acid Lime Green Nail Varnish!


Another Peripera nail polish! I am obsessed! The fact is I love a snotty green polish.  Love it. This bright green-yellow-lime shade is just so garish that I love it. No ones bogey is that luminous but I still love it: The packaging is fine – the end of the handle is too long for my liking though.

NOTD: Mary Quant Nail Polish in 024 – Lime Green Sparkle Nail Varnish!


I do think Mary Quant is a super cute make up range – they’re great for eyeshadows, polishes and lipsticks.  I bought one of their polishes when I was last at their store – just one because they’re £7 and quite small for the price.I got a snotty acid green which has glitter infused in it. Unlike most of the other polishes, this does NOT have a matching lipstick. Shame. This is a sheer polish […]

NOTD: Avon Nailwear Pro in Violetta Sparkle (Purple Glitter!)


Avon Nailwear Pro does some pretty decent nail polishes – and this one, Violetta Sparkle has a pretty deep purple base with lots of gold micro sparkle on it. Something about gold and purple just reminds me of chocolate: The packaging is ok, not really up to much. This speedwear stuff I find does try quite quickly which is cool; it’s never as fast as they say but I do find I can move around […]

Random Polish of the Week No. 3: Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Polish; Pink Thrill, Mega Fuchsia, Berry Desire Swatches


Estee Lauder nail polishes come in these distinctive ice cube shaped bottles and I quite like them because they’re sort of nostalgic AND they’re really study. No knocking them over accidentally… They have 9 new shades at the moment: 3 pretty shades I have: One very natural, one bold and spring-y, one deep…

Random Polish of the Week No. 2: MeMeMe Nail Collection Polish in Distinctive and Defiant


MeMeMe have had a pretty stylish make over and they’re certainly looking more chic! I have already tried 3 shades here. Two new additions, in shades of green: I like their Maxi Brush which is basically a wide, square brush. It means you can do a nail in 2 swipes (or at least I can!) so less time faffing about. What do you think of these greens for spring? Swatches:

Random Polish of the Week No. 1: ELF Nail Polish in Teal Blue and Purple Dream


It’s the start of random nail week! Where I swatch some of the pretty polishes that have come my way! First up is the cheapest of them all, ELF nail polish. Here are two of their newer shades, Purple Dream and Teal Blue: I knew these would be cheap, I didn’t realise how cheap. I presumed they were about £3 each – they are only £1.50 each! Amazing! I’m not one for super expensive nail […]

Top Shop Nail Polishes in Gypsy Night & Art School!


I already professed my love for Top Shop nail polish so I decided to go in store and buy a few more. Showing great restraint I chose two – a party shade and something for every day. I am not a big neutral fan so I chose Art School as my every day, a super pretty medium bright coral peach: Then I chose Gypsy Night as my party shade, a grey black with tons of […]

Nails of the Day: Top Shop Polish, In The Red – I am impressed!


People have been asking me for the last week what polish I am wearing – this hot red, slightly orangey based is ‘In The Red’ from Top Shop. It gives a really good even coverage and is glossy finish. More importantly, I have worn this baby (with Coffret D’or Gel Finish top coat) for 11 days and it hasn’t even chipped! This NEVER happens to me! And I’ve been giving it a hard time (I […]

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