Customs Charge Warning UK!


Boo hoo. I got a parcel worth $30 and had £11.21 fees added from customs! £8.00 of it was “handling fees”. I think that the reason this has happened is because of the exchange rate – so whereas $30 used to be £15, its now more like £20. So remember this ladies when buying from […]

Catherine Zeta Jones – Bad make up?


That forever tolerant and kind newspaper, the Daily Mail reported today that Cathering Zeta Jones needed the Mask of Zorro to cover up her zits and generally shiny face because of a bad make up job. What do you think? The article refers to her as spotty, but I don’t think that’s the issue here […]

Another reason to NOT buy from ASOS

Quick mini rant. Know how I was moaning about ASOS? So I promised myself that my order in April, a farce, would be my last, no matter gorgeous the models looked in their rags. I did return one item a pair of Jeans – see I bought them in a Uk 12 – wayyyy to […]

You ain’t the only one – shops that think they are ALL DAT!

Yes, that’s right, another one of those Customer Service rants. In the UK we are having a Credit Crunch. Hey, maybe you guys are in yonder are too, but I just know I can’t turn on the TV without hearing those two words, and the whole consumers are tightening their purse strings business. Money is […]

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