Cheap ‘n’ Chic: Boots No. 17 Eyeshadow Trios Review


Boots No. 17 Trios have been around as long as my first training bra which I waited till I was FOURTEEN for (thanks mother) and I bought two more the other week purely for logistical reasons. What reasons do I mean? Well…I needed points to get a free lip gloss. Boots had an offer of 200 points (£2) for every trio purchased so I gifted that spending £10 on two trios would give me the […]

Quick EOTD: Black Liquid Liner with No. 17 Tinsel and Tiaras

Boots No. 17 had a sparkly mini limited edition range called Tinsel & Tiaras for the party season. I picked up one eyeliner, a sparkly black to try out: I love liquid eyeliners, but I find cheaper ones take far too long to dry and are too thick. I also need a really bold, strong pigment and it should really glide. On first glance, this liner is as thick as one would expect, even though […]

Recessionista Face: The £25 Face with Boots No. 17

So I have been getting quite a few emails from readers who want me to look at more affordable make up. Its a fair request – the lady (that’s me) does have rather expensive tastes in make up but of course, we all have different priorities and make up is unlikely to be near the top if you have bills to pay, kids to look after etc. etc. So I am doing a series of […]

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