What’s coming up?

I have been a sick puppy this week hence the lack of posts! But I am gathering strength to tell you there’s loads of new goodies I finally got round to opening and testing – reviews coming up – plus a few tutorials. Next week is a hair tools special – a review a day on my large collection of hair appliances and some of the usual banter. Is there something you would like to […]

Easter Eggs!

I am finally at an age where I don’t get them. Well ok, I got three. But I got them weeks ago. There’s none left apart from a few shards of chocolate and some gold foil. Two things – have an amazing giveaway coming up on Monday. It’s going to be really fab, I am going to grab my top picks from spring, so make sure you stay tuned and tell your friends! Next thing […]

A man in make up – because sharing bathrooms isn’t enough.


Men wearing eyeliner is nothing new surely? Famous men, that is. Men in rock bands, actors, the extremely good looking and of course the emo/grunge/punk students who want to look alternative at college, before going to University to study accounting and become good members of society, like Mum told them to. Superdrug, the store that can’t keep shelves tidy have launched the guy liner…because its injected with testosterone and body hair which makes it different […]


Hello and welcome to Cosmetic-Candy.com This blog is a new, improved continuation of my Mostly Makeup Blog – why a new location?  I just wanted more control and a new look too! Hopefully you will have fun having a browse around.  There is a About Me section, a rants page (well, this is me we’re talking about), and lots of other interesting things in development.  There will also be a Shop section for the pigment […]

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