Want sparkly legs?! Naris Up Be Body Leg Mousse Mote-Ashi Massager Review


You know I find the strangest things to review sometimes…. This Naris Up Be Body Attractive Leg Mousse is a massage lotion that refreshes the legs. It can help with tiredness, discomfort, and it contains grapefruit and menthol to refresh.  There’s a sparkly pearl in this to leave your legs…well sparkly, and it hydrates a tiny bit. It comes in a can like this: Oh yes, I do get horribly sore legs sometimes.  If you’re […]

Move over Kermit: Naris Up Frogtime Moisture Veil Mist Review


If I were thinking of the name of a skincare product, which had to have the word, ‘time’ in it, I’d think of a few things, like ‘Peachy-time’ or ‘Lovely-time’ but it wouldn’t really occur to me to call it Frogtime. But that’s why I love Japanese beauty products and their zany names!  Naris Up’s Frogtime range consists of only a few products such as this moisture mist and some sun screen. It could be […]

Love it! Naris Up Bihadashi Eye Zone Concealer Review


The search for a brilliant concealer will never end, and I purchased this Naris Up Bihadashi Eye Zone concealer after seeing it had everything in one place; 2 shades of concealer and a setting powder. I have tried a pore concealer from the Bihadashi range which I didn’t like because it made me break out. Would this eye zone concealer fare better? Naris Up, like a lot of other Japanese brands like Bison and my […]

Waterproof, 24 Hour Wear: Naris Up, Wink Up Maxigrade Black Eyeliner Pencil in Black Review


Although I carry a make up bag filled with wonder with me every day, the fact is I just don’t top up my make up during the day unless I am specifically going somewhere after work. But I carry it anyway, incase of the apocalypse. So, long wearing make up is my godsend. Japanese brands, generally, have terrific lasting power – the mascara and eyeliner products especially. I find that my watery eyes can get […]

Bye Bye Racoon Eye: Naris Up Highlighting Crayon Review

Naris Up is one of those quirky little Japanese brands that releases a barrage on unrelated, unusual bits and bobs – this I like. I picked up this highlighting crayon from eBay for about £7 a month or two ago (have only just got round to the review….) I admit I was taken in by the pink pen applicator – ccuutttteeeee! The powder itself is a highlighting one for around and under the eyes (as […]

Review: Got pores? Try Naris Up Dual Pore Cover


I am a sucker for a gimmick, so when I saw Naris Up’s dual pore cover on Adambeauty, I had to give it a go. This particular product has two sides – the whitish paste is a silicone based cream to fill in the pores and the flesh toned side absorbs oil preventing spots and blackheads, and works as a concealer. I have tried a lot of pore products, usually with very random results. Too […]

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