Nair Hair Removal Cream (Upper Lip Kit) Review or ARGH


Just a quick one today!  Over the weekend I decided to buy this Nair Upper Lip Kit (Hair Removal Cream) because I wanted to try something different to waxing (waxing can give my skin little spots).  I haven’t used hair removal cream for a while, and I don’t tend to use them because I just find waxing or tweezing longer lasting.  So this Nair Kit was half price in Superdrug.  It comes with two tubes […]

Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream Dual Moisturising Blend Review


When I got these Nair Silky Sensations creams I thought they were moisturisers. Well they look like moisturisers don’t they?!!! So I spread it all over my arm, had a good sniff…thankfully the smell of hair removal cream is unmistakable so within a minute I had wiped it all off. Eek! These Nair Silky Sensations Hair Removal Cream Dual Moisturising Blends are HAIR REMOVAL CREAMS, even though they look like body creams and ice cream […]

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