Art Deco Nail Art Polishes


I spotted these on eBay – the sets were very affordable at £10 for 6 colours: What’s cool about these is that they have tapered brush heads, meaning you use them for nail art – the odd dot here, the odd swirl – so easy to use too! The colours: I believe this is a US brand, and it’s pretty cool because there isn’t anything like this in the UK. You can of course use […]

DNails Graduation Kit


So I have got into nails lately, and made an effort to paint them with some little pop of colour, although they chip quickly with me and my, er, active hand actions. I spotted this kit: on The idea is that you can use this to create a graduated nail effect, as with airbrushing. The plain one costs $21 and the lame has glitter in it and costs $22. Here are the instructions. Easy […]

Juvenile Nail Polish of the Day: Kiss


My nails are STILL disgusting after using the Marianne Newman nail polish in Midnight without a base. I know! But it was supposed to wash off! I decided to try some unopened polish today from Kiss: Firstly – I know, the colour is bright but I like bright lime, ok?! That’s not the problem. The problem is the texture of the polish, which was slightly lumpy, full of chunky glitter and just thick and gunky. […]

UPDATE: Marianne Newman Nails


I recently reported on my experience with Marianne Newman Nails, all the info here. Basically, its a new 3 min manicure. The idea is you can use a clicky pen to apply the colour and seal it in – it dries super quickly. Well – after trying it out more, I am really disappointed with it. The kit of 3 polishes and 2 top coats was £38 – I think that’s pretty expensive. They are […]

When love and hate collide: Mariane Newman Inkredible Nails


One of the reasons why I’m not a huge nail polish user is because I need the polish to look perfect on and I don’t normally have the patience to sit around and wait for it to dry. In other words, I always end up smudging my polish. Lo and behold – I hear about Mariane Newman Nails, a new innovation in polish. This polish is supposed to set in around 30 seconds, then you […]

Marian Newman Nails


After have a crappy manicure on my birthday (lumpy, uneven, smudgy) I began investigating the net for something that really does dry quicky and is easy to apply. Although I have a decent nail collection, I am completely impatient, yet a perfectionist, so it’s not often I have nails I think are good enough to keep on. If it has a smudge then they all come off – isn’t that a disease, like ADHD or […]

Ciate Hat Boxes


I mentioned how good the value of the Ciate hatbox sets are the other day – £20 from ASOS!. I ordered both and this is how the sets come: Classic Collection nail colours (Used Megan’s nails as swatches so no complaining about how messy they are!): Paprazzi- red black Dangerous Affair- deep blood red Boudoir- deep red Mistress- bright red Plastic Fantastic- berry purple Knickerbockerglory- fushia pink Speed Coat fast drying top coat (clear) Catwalk […]

Ciate Hat Box at ASOS


I know, I know, ASOS are on my hate list, but compared to some of the deadbeats I’ve bought from lately, they are a boon. What I’ve noticed from surfing their site lately is that the prices are very erratic.  One day I added a headband into my cart and it was £8.  The next day I looked for it again, it was £6? Go figure.  Yes, it’s only £2 but I would be annoyed […]

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