For Straggly Nails: Botanicals Natural Cuticle Oil Review


Dry cuticles? I haz dem. The problem is though, I am so lazy when it comes to my nails. They grow fast, they grow strong…so therefore I don’t pay them much attention. On top of this, I don’t actually know proper cuticle care is, aside from using a bit of oil. Whenever I’ve had a manicure its always been a massive disaster – my nails do not like being trimmed or pushed back. Really. So […]

Metallic nails in a jiffy: Blixz stick on gold nails


I envy you girls who can sit there long enough to wait for polish to dry. There is always something else to do in the Candy house hold – tell a cat off (tap the nose), scribble some notes down (shopping lists) cook a cup of tea* (pointing at the kettle, I mean)…my point is I ALWAYS smudge my nails. Always. *Cannon and Ball joke, I know you don’t cook tea A seldom get my […]

Nail Question & Answer Session with Trish Lomax

A few weeks ago I asked you, the readers to let me know what your nail questions were. Today, Celebrity and session manicurist Trish Lomax will be answering them! Ready? 1. I get little bubbles on the surface of my polish a lot. How do I avoid this? Before your manicure wipe nails with acetone to remove any residue from the nail plate rather than using a remover as most contain conditioners that leave a […]

Review: Etude House Nail Cuticle Refresh Scrub & Massage

I told you I am obsessed with buying Korean branded make up at the moment, right? Well post if finally returning to normal and I got a really cute little haul – Etude House Cuticle Refresh: I paid around £3.60 (inc. shipping) for this nifty contraction! Its basically a massage product for the nails. Its cleans and leaves the nail looking smoother and brighter: The head of the product is a plastic scrub thing! Read […]

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