Gel Nails in a Polish? Kiss Me Nail Mente Top Coat Gel Shine Review


Kiss Me, famed for it’s excellent Heroine Make range, has a nail collection called ‘Mente’ – (click for reviews of it’s nail hardener!). I’ve noticed a trend amongst Japanese nail products for Gel Top Coats.  The idea is getting a ‘gel nail finish’ but without the commitment of a gel nail. I’m all for that! I am not one for gel or fake nails (yes I know they are different things) so a low commitment […]

Monday Giveaway: 5 Sets of Dr LeWinn’s Renunail Nourishing Oil & Strengthener!


Dr. LeWinn’s Private Formula hails from Australia where it is super popular amongst the Aussie beauties. Their nail range, Renunail is particularly popular – the range contains diamond dust to support the nail matrix and pearl to strengthen the keratin. As much as I think Nail polish is fun, for me, nothing beats a strong, healthy natural nail. So I have a fab giveaway for you today! Five people will win a set of Renunail […]

Keeping Cuticles Moisturised! Kanebo Coffret D’or Cuticle Care Oil Review


I definitely don’t look after my cuticles the way I should – I think I just don’t like having anything greasy on my hands hence my reluctance to use cuticle products and hand creams. However – without a doubt they are looking raggedy, so I purchased this Kanebo Coffret D’or Cuticle Care Oil. I was swayed by the pretty two tone oil: This cuticle oil contains aloe extract, and has a floral scent – it’s […]

Kiss Me Nail Mente Treatment & Nail Hardener Review


Nail Mente? What’s a Nail Mente? I DON’T KNOW!!! Japanese product have a habit of creating some strangely named ranges. Kiss Me’s Nail Mente range is one of them. Consisting of four products so far (Nail Treatment, Nail Hardener, Quick Dry Liquid and Gel Finsh Top Coat) I bought a few things to try because it looks so cute! So where shall we start? My nails grow fast, they grow fairly strong but recently, perhaps […]

Illamasqua Nail Quill: Too many jokes, not enough time


Look, let’s face it – I’m a two coats and top coat kinda girl, so it always take me a while to comprehend strange nail accessories and art. I’m talking about fake nails and big massive stick on chunky things that look like they could fall into your baguette at any moment. I’m talking- how the hell do you do ANYTHING with those nails? type inventions. (I do appreciate the painted on cute designs though). […]

RMK Nail Care Gel Oil Pen Review: For Dry Rough Cuticles!

RMK make such lovely base products, they really do, I don’t know why their seasonal collections kind of miss the mark a lot – usually because of a schoolboy error like, poor pigmentation. Wow me RMK, I really want you to. Starting the day with a mini rant, eh?! So for someone who has dry, unruly cuticles who should know better, I really don’t spend much time taking care of them. It’s boring, I find […]

Pre Holiday Pamper: Minx Toe Nails at Urban Oasis Spa!


Just a quickie – if you follow my Twitter then you will know that I got my toes Minxed thanks to the Wahanda deal! I was going to get my nails done but basically a lot of people warned me that Minx barely lasts on nails. Considering how poorly long lasting polish performs on me, there was no way I was going to get Minxed up just to have it chip on me whilst I’m […]

Monday Giveaway: Win 1 of 4 Kiss Nail Care Sets


vMonday is the day for winning! Says me. Today you can win one of FOUR Nail Care Sets from Kiss, worth £50 each. The Kiss Nail Care Gift Set Includes: 2 sets of Press-On Nail Tabs (5.98) Draw-on French Tip Pen (5.99) 2 kits of Petite EverLasting French Nail Kit (16.98) 2 kits of Square Shaped EverLasting Nail Kit (16.98) 2 Nail Files (2.99) The Everlasting French Nails from Kiss are now manufactured with bonded […]

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