Etude House If Story Nail Kit No.2 Halloween Swatches! Pumpkin Collection


The second limited edition Etude House halloween nail polishes is the Pumpkin set consisting of one golden orangey shade and a brown-black based one with orange glittery particles. I like this set – it’s quite interesting and a lot of fun! Plus I just like gold polish in general

Etude House If Story Nail Kit No.1 Halloween Swatches! Witch Collection


This is slightly late, but Etude House released a number of limited edition nail polishes to celebrate Halloween and Christmas!   You can still purchase these on eBay so I decided to post about them. There are 2 sets of 2 nail polishes to choose from.  Here I have the first Halloween set which is witch inspired, with some glitter infused deep purples! Both of these can look a little sheer if you don’t do […]

American Apparel Glitter Nail Lacquer: Meteor Shower


I find American Apparel’s visuals kind of skanky if I’m honest but there is one thing they do quite well – nail polish!  So many bloggers posted about this funky polish called Meteor Shower that I decided to purchase it online! Meteor Shower has gold shards suspended in clear polish.  I love the randomness of the gold pieces, they’re almost like gold foil.  

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Nail Polishes For Winter 2012; Red Hautes


Finding the right red is like finding the right man; on one hand they’re all the same but also extremely different.  Eventually one will find one that suits you the best!   With that in mind (or maybe not!) Estee Lauder has released five red tones of pure colour nail polishes for winter 2012. From left to right: Fallen Angel, Love Bite, Le Smoking, Pure Red and Beautiful Liar. They say: The luscious red tones […]

VOV Super Speed Nail Cone Polish Review & Swatches! Mint Speed & Pink Speed


Who has time to sit around waiting for nail polish to dry, right? I definitely don’t, and even when I have good intentions (applying it before bedtime) I end up with weird creases and marks the following morning! When I spotted these super cute VOV (Korean brand) Nail Cone Super Speed Polishes, I had to give them a try.  I chose two colours, Pink and Mint – there’s 10 shades to choose from, all self […]

Etude House Dear My Party Nails Nail Polish Swatches & Review WH902, PBK801 and WH903


The Etude House ‘Dear My’ range has a large selection of nail polishes and lipsticks, lip glosses…the products are split into different collections, in this case the nail polishes are from the ‘Party Nails’ range (lots of glitter!).  There is also the neon colours range, the dark polishes range etc.  They’re also affordable at £2-£3 and cute! I purchased 3 colours from the My Party range. I’ve noticed that there are lots of these multi […]

Innisfree Eco Nail Polish No. 71 ‘Merry Christmas’ – Because it’s nearly Christmas!


Oh shoot me – I am excited about Christmas this year! Maybe it’s because there’s a baby – albeit he’s too young to realise it’s a special day – but I still want to make it a memorable one this year! So I’ve taken a new new interest in Innisfree nail polishes – this one no. 71 subtly called Merry Christmas I had to buy for Christmas!  It’s a clear base with red, green and […]

Have you tried Nail Polish Removing Cream? Etude House Nail Polish Remover Review


I was first introduced to nail polish removing creams about a year ago when I bought this black tub full of a rich creamy gel that looked similar to a cleansing balm.  I believe it was a Thai product and much to my surprise it worked really well at taking polish off…and then before I could do a review, I lost it (the remover,I mean).  Suddenly there are lots of nail polish removing creams on […]

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