Are you playing?! Ciate Suncatcher Treasure Hunt & Paint Pot Polish in Palm Tree


Hello Ladies! Now, if you are playing the Ciate blogger Treasure Hunt then you will know what you are looking for, if you’re not then let me explain… Ciate are releasing a new range of very bright and fun range of polishes for the summer called ‘Suncatcher’.  There is an ‘afterglow topcoat’ as part of the collection, which charges in the sun in the day and then glows in the dark!   Ciate are offering […]

Etude House Color Pop Collection is oh so BRIGHT and I WANT IT


Pop on your sunglasses yo, because just when I think Etude House will run out of ideas for new collections, they don’t.  Who thinks of these new ideas?  I need a job on that panel. Anyway, Etude House’s summer (!!! WHAT SUMMER) offering is the Pop Collection and it’s certainly bright and fun.  For the purposes of RESEARCH only I feel it is my duty to get a few things because although these products look […]

Chunky Glitter Alert! Etude House Pink Prism Nail Polish – Swatches and Review


Etude House have been going crazy for glittery nail polishes recently, especially the chunky top coat type! I can’t help but being drawn to them even though I am usually too lazy to even use varnish most of the time!  The Pink Prism range is a collection of affordable pink colours and 3 top coats which I purchased.  These varnishes are quite dinky sized: Here is the full range of 6 colours;

Mariah Carey By OPI Collection – Where are the Unicorns?


When some of you young ‘uns see Mariah Carey, you probably see this middle aged lady who argues with Nicki Minaj and likes very short tight dresses and Hello Kitty.  Well, to us (or me) who grew up with her in the 90s – Mariah was a goddess.  All her songs, even the ones with the overly complicated lyrics (she ‘incessantly’ and ‘nonchanlantly’ does things, regularly), the ones with lots of screeching and woah woah […]

Nail Swatches & Review! Peripera DIY Magic Nail Kit Review in Magic Green


Currently extremely popular with Korean cosmetic companies are these nail polish sets that feature 2-3 polishes that can be used separately or together.  The sets are usually presented nicely in a box (so good for gifting) and are very reasonably priced! I couldn’t resist this Peripera nail polish ‘DIY Magic Nail Kit’ because of the greens – green is my favourite colour! I have reviewed many Peripera nail polishes (the one that looks like a […]

Etude House If Story Nail Kit Christmas Collections Swatches in Christmas Tree


The final Etude House If Story Nail Kit (don’t ask my why it’s called that!) is called Christmas Tree. I am wondering if Etude will release new LE sets for Valentine’s Day, Easter….it would be nice if they did!  Here are the two shades. I like these one, they’re quite funky.  The price of these shipped is around £6 for both – I imagine it’s even cheaper to buy in Korea!

Etude House If Story Nail Kit Christmas Collections Swatches in Ice Witch


Yesterday I swatched the Etude House If Story Nail Kit no 1 and 2, released for Halloween.  Today I have the two Christmas sets! Ice Witch has two whitish glittery polishes.  All of these polishes have been really glittery so far – I guess that might be a theme with these sets.  I do find the glitter in these polishes easy to remove as they’re chunky. 

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