Speedy Pouty Sexy Lips: Trish McEvoy Fast Track Lips Chic Review


I had a make over on a Trish McEvoy counter lately which was rather nice (I really do recommend having a makeover on their counters with a good SA/MUA because it’s a good way to get used to the brand – they have a lot of stuff I haven’t even discovered yet!). At the end of the makeover I was given this Fast Track Lips product – you know I love my multi use goodies, […]

All In One Color! Stila One Step Primecolor in Rosie Posie Review


You know me, love to have multi use, multi functional beauty products so I was rather pleased to try out Stila’s One Step Primecolor, a formula made with mineral pigments that can be used as a primer, cheek colour, lip colour, highlighter and eyeshadow….shade pending, of course! They say: One Step PrimeColor is formulated with Stila’s Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex that reads and reacts to the skin zone-by-zone, visibly priming, balancing, correcting and optimising […]

Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry and Raspberry Review


I remember Eyeko from the olden days, when all they had was the mascara and it was a pretty expensive purchase. I remember wanting the mascara but unable to spend £11, or whatever it was on it. Anyway, fast forward and Eyeko is now found in Superdrug at far better prices and aimed towards, arguably, a teeny bopper audience. I may not be a teeny bopper any more but in my heart…she’s there…lurking. That is […]

Review: Bond Girl Gift Set by Beauté Cosmetics

Miss Candy does not gush. The last time I gushed over something it was a thick cut piece of gammon with some chunky cut chips and an egg sunny side up. Mmmmm. Whoops, turning into Homer Simpson again. So let me present to you this Bond Girl gift set from Beauté Cosmetics, a Canadian brand. The brainchild behind the brand is Beau Nelson, a make up artist to the celebrities – I used to follow […]

Haul: Stila 24k Convertible Color in Marigold Review

I haven’t bought Stila full price for a long time – there are so many good Stila bargains to be had that I’ve avoided it. However – along with the Mango Crush Cheek and Lip Tint, I just *had* to have this convertible colour in Marigold: Its part of the Indian Summer collection (yep I’m rather slow) and is a gorgeous gold highligter with a darker bronze. They Say: Stila Convertible Color Marigold with 24 […]

Review: Stila Mango Crush – Lip & Cheek Stain

I was trying to find a dual use product for lip and cheek (I actually wanted the Beaute Cosmetics Liqui-Gel tints, but these take a while to get here from Canada). Anyway I picked up the Stila Mango Crush Lip & Cheek Tint instead as I a. Love Mangoes b. Love Shimmery orange tones. Gah! This was pricey at £17 from Beauty Bay. More than I wanted to pay but I wanted it bad. They […]

Review: Cargo OneBase Concealer & Foundation in One!

A few weeks ago I noticed that there was a sale on the Cargo counter in my local supermarket (yes they sell Cargo!). I haven’t opened the products I bought yet….but we’ll ignore that. Today I am looking at one of the things I bought – the OneBase concealer and foundation in one! I paid about £6.50 for this (half price). There are only 4 shades, I chose shade 3 – the others were too […]

Swatch of the day # 6: Benefit Rush Hour Multi Use Stick

A multi use stick in a medium tones neutral brown-pink, suitable for cheeks and eyes. What would you wear this with? Note: This image is part of the soon to be launched swatch gallery. Do not reproduce any of these images in any form for personal or commercial use without requesting permission. You can request usage by using the contact form.

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