Sunday Hauling: Shopping in the Muji Bargain Bin!


Muji, Muji, how I love thee. So the other day I did some hauling – I noticed some bargain bins in the store and ended up picking up some random bits which I thought I’d share! Remember when I reviewed The Japanese Skincare Revolution by Chizu Saeki? She recommended using a swan neck bottle to perform a water massage on the face. I could not find a swan neck bottle anywhere (there might be another […]

Would you buy it? Muji make High Moisture and Sensitive Skin Skincare!


There’s a few shops that get me chucking things into the shopping basket, and Muji is one of them. I love the simple but well made Japanese designs – I always seem to buy their stationery, crockery and refillable beauty pots. Oh, and Mr C is a big fan of their merino wool jumpers. Muji Skincare launched earlier this year, but I didn’t actually notice until earlier today when I was instore. There are 2 […]

Muji for beauty accessories


Muji is a Japanese shop full of simplistic home, kitchen, bathroom and clothing goodies. Even though the style is minimalistic, they always seem to have lots of lovely designs and random bits of stuff to die for. The other half loves Muji for men’s clothing and I like it for kitchenware (like my sideways fridge jug) and stationary. I also love their acrylic storage items. Muji is also great for beauty supplies! They have a […]

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