Is a cream lip balm any good? Monu First Defence Lip Balm Review


I am a self confessed lip balm addict. I’ve tried down right weird ones, very pretty ones and I’ve even taught you to make your own. Monu is a brand…

MONU Micro Exfoliant Dual Action Microdemabrasion Face Scrub Review!


I have been converted to the importance of exfoliating, my dears, so have been testing loads of different face scrubs to find the best one for me! Although I prefer…

The Model Agency Reality Show & Monu Premier Model Skin Kit


Let’s talk TV, like the good old days… I don’t know about you, but without even realising it, a fair amount of the shows I watch now can be classed…

Dry Skin Treat! Monu Hydrating Mask Review


I was moaning about having very dry skin and was coincidentally sent this Monu face mask to try. Monu skincare focuses on using natural ingredients and this face mask contains…

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