Is a cream lip balm any good? Monu First Defence Lip Balm Review


I am a self confessed lip balm addict. I’ve tried down right weird ones, very pretty ones and I’ve even taught you to make your own. Monu is a brand I like despite it’s simplicity and I recently got a sample of the lip balm to test. This product is quite unconventional, in that it is a cream lip balm and comes in a tube with a pump: Please excuse this lame photograph – photos […]

MONU Micro Exfoliant Dual Action Microdemabrasion Face Scrub Review!


I have been converted to the importance of exfoliating, my dears, so have been testing loads of different face scrubs to find the best one for me! Although I prefer a product which is quite grainy, in reality my sensitive skin needs something gentle with a fine grain. Monu Micro Exfoliant is a rather lovely product: They say: Dual-action microdermabrasion. This powerful treatment delivers instantly radiant skin. Refines skin texture and reduces the appearance of […]

The Model Agency Reality Show & Monu Premier Model Skin Kit


Let’s talk TV, like the good old days… I don’t know about you, but without even realising it, a fair amount of the shows I watch now can be classed as ‘reality tv’. So many shows these days involve ‘real’ people whether it’s because they are from a unique culture or have a giant wart growing out of their belly buttons. So now we have another one to watch, as The Model Agency delves into […]

Dry Skin Treat! Monu Hydrating Mask Review


I was moaning about having very dry skin and was coincidentally sent this Monu face mask to try. Monu skincare focuses on using natural ingredients and this face mask contains geranium essential oil, royal jelly, apricot kernal oil and evening primrose oil too! The problem with dry skin is that in my case, it makes it really sensitive too. So I’ve used a few masks for dry skin that don’t half make my face itch!

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