Geeky Stuff: Orange & T-Mobile Merge, What you have to do…


Yeah yeah yeah so all I do is moan about my phone – but basically I spend about £60-£120 on my phone bills per month but I have zero 3G/2G connectivity when I get to work. So for 9 hours of the day I can’t use Twitter properly (vital, I know) or get my emails so when I get home I have to sit here and respond to numerous messages and a ton of my […]

Boo Hiss, No T’internet!


Sorry guys, my internet is still off. I am using a stolen borrowed dongle and can’t answer comments or anything like that. I am however, using my Twitter because I can use it on my phone (with a lot of difficulty!). Handy for if you need to know if your chicken is edible or not. Won’t be long, I’ll be back!

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