Ebay changes…

Eek. I warned about this back in Feb but I guess it is really going to happen now! I got an email from The Bay today – Consider it done. Now sellers can’t leave negative Feedback in response to buyers’ Feedback. Well…I can’t say they are entirely wrong. I have avoided leaving neutral or negative feedback at times because I wanted to avoid the conflict. To be honest, I can only think of once where […]

I hate Facebook

I’m talking about Facebook. I wish I could wring the neck of the person that first insisted a year ago that I join. ‘Its the best fing, eva!’ they said. One year later and I have learnt (or is it learned? anyway): 1. Facebook eats time like vibrators eat batteries…not that I would know. People tell me these things you know, erm, anyway, people rarely actually spend their time COMMUNICATING with each other. They spend […]

Sunday Haulage Porn…

…not actual porn, ok, get with the lingo! I don’t know whats wrong with me. I have started to use terms like Stash, Make Up Porn, Hauls etc. etc. My brain is shrinking, if in fact, it could have shrank anymore. Anyway. What’s better that a load of pictures of new stuff right! Anna Sui Goods – all on offer at Strawberry Net (yes, it finally came). Such pretty packaging, like granny used to buy: […]

Another reason to NOT buy from ASOS

Quick mini rant. Know how I was moaning about ASOS? So I promised myself that my order in April, a farce, would be my last, no matter gorgeous the models looked in their rags. I did return one item a pair of Jeans – see I bought them in a Uk 12 – wayyyy to big so I changed them for a Uk 10 – please, I couldn’t even get them past my thighs! So […]

House of Fraser Sale Day

For UK ladies, (or gents) House of Fraser is having their blue cross day – 25% off for clothes and accessories, 10% for cosmetics. The House of Fraser near me, Kendals, sells a lot of the big brands, MAC, Laura Mercier, Guerlain, Benefit, Aveda, Clinique, Chanel, Clarins etc. etc. etc. Since I have my eyes of Dior’s new Matte Bronzer, I am debating whether walking an extra 5 mins is worth it to save £2.50. […]

Boots Protect & Perfect ruins my Sunday

So THIS is why Sunday should be a day of rest – because boredom leads to spending and over eating. In case you have never heard of Boots Protect and Perfect, a documentary called Horizon examined beauty products and whether they worked or not. They tried out a lot of creams and one the mentioned (well didn’t actually mention as that would be advertising), was Protect and Perfect from Boots No.7 which is a £17 […]

Cosme Decorte, Having Kittens

I have never tried Magie Deco products before but I adore any type of liquid eyeshadow so had to give this range a go: Cosme Decorte Fairy Eyes: Blue: Brown: Purple: Green: The colours come with an unusal flat brush which makes the colours easy to apply in an intense way. They have a lovely, multi coloured shimmer, that Japanese wet eyeshadows tend to have (it is similar to Visee Aqua Eyes). The lasting power […]

I go back to black…

Every other month, I have this panic thing, where I decide my hair colour is horrid and go out and buy some random dye, only to go to Sally’s the day after for some Rusk Eliminate (hair dye remover) and end up back at square one. My hair is stupidly long at the moment, and a bondi beach Jessica Alba type blonde. Its lovely and brightens the face, but is also prone too looking dry […]

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