Mascara Week No. 3: MeMeMe Extreme Lengthening Lash Attack Mascara Review


I have hope when it comes to cheap mascaras (or should I say “cheaper” mascaras!) but quite frankly – results vary! I thought the packaging of the MeMeMe Lash Attack mascara (Extreme Lengthening) was rather funky though: Lash Attack! What a great name! Anyway, Lash Attack as a medium sized bristle brush which is pretty standard – I neither love it nor hate it. I can see lots of fibers on the brush, which is […]

LOTD: MeMeMe Ultra Gloss with Lip XL in 19 Cosme in Bright Pink!


I love hot pink lips! There might not be that many opportunities to wear it, but I still love ‘em! A sheer hot pink gloss is usually a good way to wear such a bright colour. This lip gloss from MeMeMe is 19 Cosmic and comes with lip plumping qualities: It’s definitely got colour too it but the glossiness makes it fun to wear and sort of perky! A final lament to Summer, perhaps? On […]

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues Iridescent Complexion Illuminator Review & Model Competition!


You have to admit, Benefit with it’s unique packaging and products have spawned many an imitator; and why not, especially when it’s a cheaper alternative! These Beat the Blues Complexion Illuminators reminded me instantly of Moonbeam and Highbeam. They even come in the same two tones, a warm sheer gold and a pink silvery highlight. I have the Benefit versions too; I like them although I think they are a tad pricy for what they […]

Mememe Drama Queen Mascara

I was sent this funky looking mascara to try out – its by mememe (sold exclusively at Superdrug) and retails for £7.82. When did drugstore make up get so expensive. In the old days, you’d have chance from £1 (probably). Anyway – the dream mascara has not yet been found. Remember at the moment I am sporting a painful lash perm, which means nearly any mascara looks ok. I still need to find the one […]

Lip of the Day: Mememe Ultra Gloss with Lip XL

I was sent this Mememe Ultra Lipgloss a few weeks ago, though I’d wear it today. The shade is 20 Cashmere: Its not a bad shade really – warm brown with sparkles. Don’t think much of the packaging but the texture is fine, nothing extraordinary but if you are on a budget, then this should give you the sort of shimmery glow on the lips you want: Mememe seems to be on 3 for 2 […]

Mememe Colourama Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadow Review

Sorry – I am still not up to my blogging best. I also need to respond to comments. My laptop keyboard is not going to start working any time soon so a replacement is winging its way to me. But I am a creature of habit – once I have to start looking at a keyboard to find the “@” and “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” buttons, I get very grumpy. Keyboard fixed = Me back to my old […]

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