6 Days of Mascara No. 4: Dawn & Marilyn Dramatic Fiber Mascara, Secret Fiber Primer Review


**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!** If there was a cuteness competition, Dawn & Marylin’s mascara and primer would win. Ever heard of them before? Neither have I and there’s little information about the brand online. I did, about 3 years ago try this mascara and primer. I hated it back then. But seeing has so much time had passed, my lashes are longer […]

6 Days of Mascara No. 3: Boots No. 17 Photo Flawless Mascara Review


**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!** I reviewed the No 17 Photo Flawless Foundation and Primer recently and now it’s the turn of the mascara! I like how this comes in different variations – Black-Green, Black-Gold and Black-Blue. Mine is black-gold. Can I tell once it’s on my lashes? No, not really. This is the brush – it’s big, it’s curved, it’s quite hard…

6 Days of Mascara No. 2: VOV Goodbye Eye Pender Review (Tube Mascara)


VOV is a Korean beauty brands with some really interesting products, although I haven’t found anything from the brand (yet) that I really really love. I indulged in their tube mascara – because I do so hate the process of removing eye make up and this stuff comes off with warm water. The mascara is called Goodbye Eye Pender. It sounds like that film, The Last Air Bender. But what I think it’s trying to […]

6 Days of Mascara No. 1: MeMeMe Fat Cat Lashes Mascara Review


**For the next 6 days I’ve got 6 speed mascara reviews coming up. Who will be victorious?!** MeMeMe’s Fat Cat mascara is nothing new, but I did finally get round to trying it out! How can anything with the word ‘cat’ in it be bad!? This is supposed to have an oversized brush for ‘extra volume’. I hate oversized brushes. The cute tube: The brush is indeed very fat but I have to say, I […]

Shiseido The Makeup Mascara Base VS. Shiseido Nourishing Lash Primer Comparison


I mentioned earlier today that Shiseido discontinued their highly popular and fabulous Mascara Base for a new formula, the Nourishing Lash Primer. The conclusion is that the nourishing primer does do a good job so dry your tears; we haven’t been given a dud in replacement! I’m going to do a quick comparison for other Shiseido mascara base fans. The two tubes: The older mascara base came in quite a heavy weight tube but the […]

Shiseido Nourishing Mascara Base Review – The best primer on the market?


I’m not usually one for worrying when a product is discontinued; there’s always an alternative out there but I did nearly keel over when I found out that my beloved Shiseido mascara base had been replaced by a new formula; the Nourishing Mascara Base: Shiseido Mascara Base, the original, was simple the best lash primer – ever. It held curl perfectly and you could match it with the worst mascara ever and it would still […]

SANA Gafixx Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara Review: I love you, but I can’t pronounce your name


SANA Gafixx Matsuge Gatch-ly Mascara – and I won’t be saying that again – is SANA’s newest mascara release. Whenever SANA releases a mascara you better hide yo’ kids, because their mascaras are so damn funky! I love SANA Big Lash mascara – it holds curl – but my god, it’s impossible to remove without the aid of scissors. So how will SANA Gafixx compare? At the moment the whole ‘ruffle’ lash thing is in […]

Dior Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum Review


I want to find an amazing lash primer – Shiseido Lash Base was always my first choice but since they have reformulated it, I am looking for a worthy predecessor. I tend to avoid mainstream brand primers, I mean, high street/drug store brands, or even Lancome, Clinique, Chanel, Urban Decay primers because I find they are that sort of gloopy white formula that is far too heavy for my lashes. I didn’t have success with […]

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